jacqueline mcclain of traveler’s aid! BEWARE!!!!

for those of you that know of, participated in, or have been victimized and your family torn apart by this “seemingly helpful program,” LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!!!!!!! this EXCLUDES the people in this program who are their loyal informants who go around ratting/snitching on unsuspecting victims.

if the above is true in any case then you must know the ‘smile in your face- stab you in the back’ Jacquelin ‘Jacky’ McClain. YES!!! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS!!!!! if you need proof i will be more than glad to fill you in and show you the paperwork. were you poor, desperate, in need of help and ‘Jacky’ promised you the world? then this blog is just right!!!!!!

we were introduced to “jacky” after entering the Parker Ave. Shelter for families. we were in an emergency situation after we found out our house was contaminated with mold, our water was making all of us sick, and there was a gas leak somewhere. we needed emergency shelter. while trying to move some things into storage we got snowed in. we were coming from Swansboro, Placerville, CA where the elevation is almost 4,000 ft. there is no cell phone service in that area. just before leaving our house we checked in on our last call stating that we were trying to get out before the snow kept us there. on the way the snow got so bad that we had to pull over on the side of the road and we all slept there, or tried, for the night.we went straight to the shelter in the morning to check in and told them that we had to go put our stuff into the storage unit and explained our situation to them. we left and moved our stuff. when we arrived back to the shelter they were all upset that we did not check in every hour the night before and they wanted to kick us out. we sat there and argued with them reminding them that they knew EXACTLY WHAT OUR SITUATION WAS, that we did everything that they told us to, AND WHY WERE THEY GOING TO KICK US OUT FOR DOING WHAT THEY TOLD US TO????!!!! finally they agreed to let us stay!! we told them that we had a rough night and did not get much sleep. they said o.k. they thanked us for being honest with them and everything seemed alright until they started pushing the paperwork. the black lady that was doing the paperwork was taking her “good ‘ol sweet time” and getting mad because we had to keep telling her that we had not slept the night before and we were tired and stressed out!!! she snapped at us, “if you don’t finish this paperwork by the deadline!!!, you are going to be BACK ON THE STREETS!!!!” we immediately spoke up and told her AGAIN that we were tired and you guys KNEW our situation, said that you would work with us and now you are threatening to kick us out!!!? we left to retrieve our daughter from the play area where she was on the tire swing with another girl being pushed by some unknown male! we told her that it was time to get ready for bed. they laughed and he just kept swinging them. i had to raise my voice and say LET’S GO NOW!!! they continued to laugh and i had to stop the swing myself and get our daughter. more snappy remarks came to us about how we disciplined our daughter. we told these people that it is none of their concern how we raise our daughter, that is NOT what this program is for, and to BUTT OUT!! next came the remarks that we were white supremists (we’re not). the program was predominantly black. when we asked where this nonsense was coming from we got silence. we could only assume that it was coming from “jacky”. she found us an apartment and moved us in within 7 days, where it usually takes 30-90 days. this apartment was filled with DOPE DEALERS, DOPE FIENDS, the apartment had a hole over the toilet from the above apartment where gnats would come out of and fill our apartment, there was a piece of cardboard over the toilet where it had been painted over, the ceiling over the tub leaked(like a waterfall) EVERY TIME someone took a shower upstairs, the ASSIGNED parking space that we had was next to our daughters room window and the owner refused to enforce the space and allowed dope transactions and illicit people to hang by our daughters window. we were not ok with this at all. people started retaliating against us. we eventually had him move us upstairs into another crummy apartment where the doors/windows WOULD NOT LOCK AND THE MAINTENANCE MAN HAD ALL THE KEYS TO.

STRESS UPON STRESS MOUNTED!!!!! i needed help and called “jacky” i told her that i just needed someone to watch my daughter while i go get some help. she ended up calling the police, which i thought was her at the door, they came in and beat me up in front of my daughter and yelled over and over “you’re a bad mom. you don’t deserve your kid!!!” they took my daughter and took me to the hospital.

eventually they ended up placing our daughter with a convicted child molester/rapist, Robert Amaro Perez, on Magan’s Law in the state of Billings Montana.

BEWARE OF THE SLURPEE/SLUSHY TACTIC she will shower your kids with gifts, try to get them to change clothes in front of her so she can check for marks, let your kids ride without child seats to let them feel that they can get away with anything, let them call her “aunt jacky” when SHE IS NOT THEIR AUNT!!!, and teach them to sing songs: “i’m a little kid and i can do what i want and my mommy and daddy can’t stop me. if they spank me then i need to tell my teacher.”


we went to the spy outlet and bought a camera/bug detector and found out that the shelter room and the apartment that they moved us into was HEAVILY AND ILLEGALLY WIRETAPPED!!!!!!, AND MOST IMPORTANT BE AWARE OF CHRIS, THE MIDDLE EASTERNER OF ESTER, AND OTHER APARTMENTS.


leave a reply and I will get back to you at the beep!

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