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When I met Farrell at the General Tribal Council Meeting he was so high off of NARCOTICS he could hardly speak! Don’t see how anyone learned anything from him! Obituary: Farrell Cunningham spread love of Maidu language By Jane Braxton Little Bee Correspondent Published: Friday, Aug. 16, 2013 – 12:00 am | Page 4B Last […]

Dedicated to the F.B.I, U.S Marshal, President Obama, Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County Sheriff, Sacramento and Placerville Police, and the Tsi-Akim “CORPORATION”!

CANDYMAN (no longer). . . . CANDYASS!

Dear Mr. Dikeman ( Deputy District Attorney for El Dorado County), We have been thinking about you and how you tried to take down the C.D.C., El Dorado County Sheriff, and of course ourselves, just to get rid of your “CANDYMAN” stigma. Well. . . . You are correct. You shall no longer go by […]

Through years of hard work and contact with Government…. They were terminated!

to those who are EXTREMELY unaware of this such GROUP, you are not alone. this group NEVER even existed before 1998, when the cop members of grass valley, where they’re not even from- originally they are from the taylorsville rancheria, decided to get a wild hair up their ass and decide that they want a […]

To substantiate the Tsi-Akim Maidu tribe is Cop Oriented.

Anyone in law-enforcement can go onto the computer, the same as all of us on our computers, and type up anything they want about anyone. They can show it to any government person or any of their friends and say, “look that’s the truth about them.” When it is not even true. That is what […]

Cop Curtis Parks- Everyone and anyone welcome to find out the truth. . .

Like I have been trying to tell you world these Tsi-Akim Maidu have cop connections and/or are cops themselves treating their tribal members like this and making threats on their own while trying to seek your approval for Federal Recognition. this is an excerpt from Curtis Parks, who also spews more lies which are a […]

Case #P13CRF0207 For those who want to know the truth!

Don’t believe me or these mouthy Tsi-Akim Cavalry, Mexicans, I mean Maidu. . . . I have included the case of ours where the CDC, El Dorado County Sheriff, and the Pollock Pines Community Church fabricated a case on the both of us while we were attending a church function and were abused then arrested. […]