who are they? tsi-akim what?

to those who are EXTREMELY unaware of this such tribe, you are not alone. this tribe NEVER even existed before 1998, when the cop members of grass valley, where they’re not even from- originally they are from the taylorsville rancheria, decided to get a wild hair up their ass and decide that they want a piece of the american pie. my husband who is a tribal member and the creator of the “tribes” official logo, used on ALL of their legal and official documents-used in the whitehouse and functions on banners and flyers, and so on….. one of the main tribal members is not even of that tribe. they are a miwok. this “tribes” chairman, don ryberg, is one of the biggest liars, phenaglers, thiefs, and just straight punk BITCH that i have ever met, among some of the other ‘grass valley crew’. they have decided to gangster the colfax tribe out of their region because someone gangstered the ‘tsi-akim maidu’ out of their taylorsville home- which might i add that none of those tribal members EVER lived in or made families in. so the government turned them down. they had to MAKE UP their tribe and lie and steal from their own members to keep the lie going. they are not ‘protectors of theearth’ as they claim. A MAJORITY OF THEM MAKE THEIR LIVING OFF LOGGING!!!!! YES LOGGING!!!! cutting down trees, ruining the ecosystem, forcing all different kinds of helpless animals out of their natural habitat, the list goes on and on. i have made it my mission to take these corrupt individuals down and keep them from receiving ANY federal money. for this i have been stalked, threatened, harassed, etc. for those of you who don’t know but would like to know please feel free to ask for any mitigating evidence that we may posess.

thank you


my husband is a tribal member for the tsi-akim maidu tribe from taylorsville,ca. he created the logo for the tribe. they stole the logo, which helped generate millions, and when asked for his cut they have been trying to murder us!!!! they, along with all their police connections, the tribe is full of police chief and leiutenant and many lower level officers, have REPEATEDLY tried to murder us. we keep reporting these actions to the parole office and other officers who seem to supportthe tsi-akims harassment on our family. this last attempt happened on 6-5-12 after we went to the F.B.I., on 6-4-12 and made a complaint about the non-stop harassment and stalking, numerous break-ins at every single house we had, every vehicle we owned was vandalized (this was our FOURTH vehicle) then we went camping in the national forest. they GASSED us at our tent. we had to flee through the forest in the dark with no light to save our lives. we could not flee in our vehicle for fear that they would blow us up to stop us from exposing the corruption in the parole office and from the tribe getting federally recognized. with threats of exposure and allegations made to the F.B.I. (THE SECOND ONE BEING ON 6-6-12 AFTER TUESDAYS THWORTED MURDER ATTEMPT, which they had EVERYONE, including satellites looking for our bodies)we are going ALL THE WAY with this exposure, even contacting the white house. nobody has tried to stop these people. this is a story that NEEDS, I REPEAT, NEEDS, to be exposed. thank you.


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