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CRIMINAL COMPLAINT TO EDSO and THE WORLD!: On 11-27-2012 at approximately 0910 hours at the El Dorado Hills Community Park we were confronted by Officers Cortez and K. Peebly. My husband and I were asked how we were and what we were doing, which was pretty obvious-barbequing our food. My husband and I were informed […]

another “DAY AT THE LAKE”, courtesy of EDSO’s ‘finest’

On 11-20-2012 at approximately 0820-0850 hrs. At Cameron Park Lake two Sheriffs vehicles entered the park, one following about 5 minutes behind the other, with Officer, excuse me, DEPUTY brian SCHAUB being the leader, this time. He took my husband into custody and searched him saying that his conversations were being recorded yet took him […]

another “courtesy call” from EDSO’s ‘ finest’

on 11-16-12 at approximately 1500 hours we were bombarded from behind with sheriffs cars in the Safeway parking lot in Cameron Park. Of course they always use the ‘no license plate’ excuse for the pull over, but while talking to Robert’s; after asking him what they needed all these cop cars on us when they […]