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Stop drug murdering snitches… (no on prop 57!)

!POLICE INFORMANT IN YOUR COMMUNITY! By voting yes on prop 57 you are allowing more dope fiend [non-violent]¬†snitches who are willing to do anything to stay out for their dope sack, working as “confidential informants” for the police and doing hits like this which are VIOLENT… TO NOTE: These are the younger generation victimizing the […]

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It’s only okay for cops to think like this about their family’s, but how dare you try to defend yours… FTP!

Now This El Dorado County Bandwagon lied and made this stuff up. If we were that much of a threat and actually said those things we would be in Federal Prison. click the link below for the evidence. there is so much they did to our family and our children yet they can go on […]