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Stop drug murdering snitches… (no on prop 57!)

!POLICE INFORMANT IN YOUR COMMUNITY! By voting yes on prop 57 you are allowing more dope fiend [non-violent] snitches who are willing to do anything to stay out for their dope sack, working as “confidential informants” for the police and doing hits like this which are VIOLENT… TO NOTE: These are the younger generation victimizing the […]

It’s only okay for cops to think like this about their family’s, but how dare you try to defend yours… FTP!

Now This El Dorado County Bandwagon lied and made this stuff up. If we were that much of a threat and actually said those things we would be in Federal Prison. click the link below for the evidence. there is so much they did to our family and our children yet they can go on […]

it’s ok for cops to rape! (warning…. non-fiction may be graphic and disturbing to minors!) ‘body cams’ are a SCAM! (amended 10/19/2016)

So this is the opposition to my Pitchess motion to retrieve the personnel files of the cops involved in violently sexually assaulting/molesting me, as retaliation, during a resent arrest for ALLEGED charges! I only want other peoples information to ask about police misconduct, excessive force, libel/slander, falsifying reports, etc. I DO NOT need their accomplishments […]

Stalked by pedophiles…

So for the last few days we have been stalked around town by ground and air units…      


Since the CA government’s case has been pending in Colusa County, we have been a victim of the CA government’s continued abuse throughout the Nation. We have been victimized now in our home in Oroville, CA by his agents with threats of violence and death. This is what we were tormented with unaware of the sick, pedophile […]

Colusa PD Officer LORMAN testifies to violent sexual assault.

There will be an addendum to this article because the stenographer re-wrote what was said and/or omitted things. So they are [incomplete]. But the page numbers and description will be added later so stay tuned to all my awesome fans and supporters! thank you wordpress. (click on the link below to view the whole pre-lim […]

oroville community slander/libel and government involvement…

When we first arrived in Oroville, CA we went to the congressional office of John LaMalfa to talk to him about what happens to us EVERY town we go through. We informed of the cop hate and how they use their street trash rats to perform criminality on us without prosecution. We started getting treated with […]

Laura Collier

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS LADY! She is just as mental, if not more due to denial, then the people she rents to. Pay your rent and follow the rules. Make sure you keep track of everything because if you don’t and her crew ends up not liking you because you would not allow them […]

Violent Sexual Assault by Colusa PD Officers LORMAN/PEARSON…

To whom it [should] concern, I am a victim of Organized/Community based Stalking. My family has been victimized, terrorized, harassment, humiliated, tormented, abused, and terrified. The side effects are active and will continue for the rest of our lives. I have endured much physical/mental pain from the abuse many “law-enforcement agencies (antonym)” have bestowed upon […]

tsi-akim maidu [self-claimed tribe] thieves!