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OBAMA’S AGENT burns brain-damaged man’s face on hot asphalt.

On You Tube – Lisa belyew aka storm HEY AMERICA GUESS WHAT? YA, YOU KNOW IT. THE PUNK ASS GOVERNMENT TOOK THIS VIDEO OFF YOU TUBE! WHY? LOOK AT THE TITLE. WHY WOULD THEY WANT AMERICANS TO SEE THIS? I’ts the next day and i spent hours reloading it and guess what? I didn’t have […]

Sheriff D’Agostini (one of the ‘good ‘ol boys’)

For over four years I endured non-stop abuse from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. The first two years I was asked to not say anything by my husband because the Parole kept telling him he was getting off on his early release. After Agent De Roco lied yet again about his release and paperwork, […]


terrorists in the U.S. TORTURING INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN.   Recently I had a 4 day stay at the el dorado county jail after a sheriff cuffed me over to the hospital in Placerville for some pain, believing as told, it was a simple 5150 check up from the neck up. On the bed after […]

St. Gall Catholic Church and the Sunrise Motel (now Sierra Motel), Minden, Nv

Well another DISAPPOINTMENT from a “God loving” religion. We went to this church after another company referred us only to the dismay of being let down yet again. “josey” had an attitude from the gate because we told her that we needed help with food, winter clothing, and gas, she rolled her eyes while she […]


So let me get this straight: You and your husband go to a church the day after he gets probation for violent crimes that he was charged with, some involving assault on a peace officer, WHILE INCARCERATED. You both get asked to leave private property by an agent of the property owner (LEGAL, by the […]