it’s ok for cops to rape! (warning…. non-fiction may be graphic and disturbing to minors!) ‘body cams’ are a SCAM! (amended 10/19/2016)

So this is the opposition to my Pitchess motion to retrieve the personnel files of the cops involved in violently sexually assaulting/molesting me, as retaliation, during a resent arrest for ALLEGED charges! I only want other peoples information to ask about police misconduct, excessive force, libel/slander, falsifying reports, etc. I DO NOT need their accomplishments or any of that CRAP! I know for a fact in my heart and soul these cops involved, LORMAN, PEARSON, AND SGT. TAMEZ, have some bad reports on them and I want those for the world to see the TRUTH! No anti-copism, only PRO TRUTH AND CONSTITUTION! click on the link below to see the disgusting truth in how the cops believe it is “OK” to sexually assault women they ‘believe’ committed a crime, for the prosecutor to argue for his rapists agents, and the judge to suppress her discovery because it recorded the rape on the President OBAMA cop body cams we can’t access.

(refer to page 3 lines 13-28)


and for the public’s information this is in no way to relieve me of any alleged charges. I only speak the truth and am passionate about those who commit crimes need to be held accountable for their actions. the means ANYONE who commits a crime. Be it Judge, Prosecutor, or COP! Or as all three of them as co-defendants.


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