Monthly Archives: February 2013


on 2-8-13 while standing in line at See’s candy in rancho cordova an officer came in and started making comments about my husband saying ‘it’s now or never!’ (mind you agent weener told us his discharge date was 2-08-2013, so stipulated in both cop cars computers) we got AND PAID for our selection and the […]

the government continues to lie!!!!

If a government official must fabricate untruth(s) about a citizen, or any of Its People, to turn other citizens against them so the government can unlawfully incarcerate (kidnap) or kill them, and other governments in Our country gift aid to the wrong-doer, that My People is Tyrany. There is no political merit to this writing; […]

what makes you so special???!!!!

12-3-12 sacramento motel off watt/I80 i heard yelling next door. i listened and heard some guy yelling “i only have 45 days!!! i want at least two holes in each of them!!!” i also hard a hammer for a gun cock in their room. the girl was telling him she could beat my ass and […]