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Laura Collier

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS LADY! She is just as mental, if not more due to denial, then the people she rents to. Pay your rent and follow the rules. Make sure you keep track of everything because if you don’t and her crew ends up not liking you because you would not allow them […]

World’s Dumbest Cop Criminal’s nominee

Sexual assault by Officer Brown, one of CA Governor Jerry Brown’s agents. . . [MURDER PLOT]

NOW HOW WOULD ANY HUSBAND FEEL IN THIS SITUATION! THE COPS USING A LAW-ABIDING WOMAN NOT ON PAROLE/PROBATION AS BAIT TO MURDER HER HUSBAND JUST BECAUSE THEY DO NOT LIKE HIM! On 10-25-2012 at approximately 0830-0900 hrs. My husband and I were awoken to a loud knock on our vehicle window. I pulled down the […]