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Sheriff’s of El Dorado County on Fox! (what a joke)

I have watched only a few of these “cops” wanna-be’s in action trying to make themselves look professional (they are form that)! Even winning case after case against these law breakers they just think they are invincible to this day. Grand Dios complex is a mental impairment. The most recent show of their’s aired the […]


Here we get to enjoy the company of a year old cub. He ran away the first time then came right back!

Gill’s Auto Sales, Marysville – CA BEWARE!!!!!!!

GILS AUTO SALES I bought a Range Rover from Gil Gurmeck on 9-7-12. I put $1,000 down and was to make $250 mo. Payments. Because I did not have my Driver License they refused to put the vehicle in my name even though I was paying for it! Leanne told me ‘as soon as you […]

A grand-daughter’s letter to her alcoholic grand-father!!!!!

More Famous words from our past…

When the people fear the Government there is TYRANNY… When the Government fears the people there is LIBERTY! Need I say more?

Another Murder attempt by the El Dorado County Sheriff and their “street tweeked thugs”.

This was while my husband was incarcerated on the fabricated case, we got ACQUITTED. The custodial officers stood by his cell and said ‘they had someone to kill that bitch.’ The next day while I was visiting this is what they had done by one of the ‘visitors’. Now I know why the guy was […]

Confronting a child molester?

It’s not that hard. There are court documents where Jerry Belyew (in video) admits to molesting his daughter. In the video Jerry claims the ‘statute of limitations’ has run out. This was one of my first videos I ever did so sorry for the lack of professionalism.

Do as I SAY and not as I DO!!!!

When I was growing up I witnessed my parents drink, party, fight, do drug deals, doctor paperwork to deceive the government, lie, abuse children / animals, and many illegal things. Now as an adult I see that not only my parents influenced my upbringing negatively, the government has also influenced my life negatively. By breaking […]