People vs. belyew

People vs. belyew

People vs. Belyew

Here you go Catherine, Maria, and Valerie JOHNSON! I told you the truth would set you FREE!!!! I fell for his smooth talk lies too. I know it’s embarrassing but you should think about your children’s future. Children tend to want to be like their parents. I’m giving you this information for the best interest […]

Now I don’t know why my family turned out like this, but they [never] used to be this way! Oh well I guess Lies happen right? “Do as I say or I’ll put you in prison!” (famous words of the Shults) All I wanted was them to love my new husband and myself. guess that […]

This is where the Department of Justice testified to the number of calls each separate department had on the both of us. the CJM (when you look at ‘Delivered to:’)¬†calls were for¬† “Missing Person” and “Unidentified Dead” (read Maria Cranston testimony in the transcripts). When the police knew where we were at there was no […]


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