To note on this particular night we were pulled over, about ten police/sheriff cars from two different towns showed up and there was 3 CALLS MADE by these officials (and four helicopters). There was one call made, sent to the Department of Justice and is on our C.L.E.T.S record as “UNIDENTIFIED DEAD”, was from USDA […]

Finally after years of lies and conspiracy the truth is out there. You may also reference to and here is the link to an actual Elder of the Tsi-Akim Maidu: at about 5:30 she starts talking about Lt. Shannon;

Don’t know why my parents ended up like this. Hanging out with Biker Gangs and such. I thought they would know better. Of course they will not say anything now. they just have other people talk shit for them. Hm? tap on the link below! rats

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