terrorists in the u.s.

Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:49 PM

Dear Al Jazeera,


Hello. My family and myself have experienced grave hardship from the governments in the United States of America at the State of California from all branches of government in regard to what they call [law enforcement]. If you will please take the time to read this letter this could help many people in the world including those here at the United States.

The crimes that the governments that are at California, which include federal (FBI& United States Federal Marshall), state (State Capital of California & its California Department of Corrections), county (El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office), and others the like, committed against my family and myself are to name a few: attempted murder, threats of murder, use of a gas agent, physical harm on my wife whom she is a law abiding citizen, robbery with force and/or violence against my wife, humiliations in front of our community, brainwashing that took place on our 4-6 year old daughter, failure to enforce the law in our behalf, blocking employment and the success of our family, use of mind control drugs, and so on…


This is a situation that the world MUST know the TRUTH about. America claims that we are a civilized country based on democracy, fair trials, and the non-exercising of the above stated crimes on its citizens. This is the farthest from the truth.

We went to the FBI and later that night the government attempted to murder us with a gas agent. We escaped and went directly back to the FBI and we told that we are on drugs. We offered to take a blood test for drug stating that we are not doing drugs and the FBI declined. They told us that law enforcement officers don’t do that and we were kicked out of the FBI office and told to never come back.


We wrote pleas for help to the US Federal Marshalls, the President of the United States of America, showed up in person and wrote to many news media companies here at the US, filed appeals to the California Department of Corrections which were ignored, and personally visited the California State Capital and filed a their form to have a personal interview with the governor of California about the grave abuse his” officers of the court” are exercising on my family which were all ignored.


To this very day we are being harassed by this government and all our pleas for help have been completely ignored. We have complete evidence in many areas to this hardship we are forced to live.


There is a law enforcement officer caught on camera from the corporation Wal-Mart aggressively approaching my wife and physically robbing her property from her and kicking her off Wal-Mart (store) property even though we had done nothing wrong at Wal-Mart. After unlawfully searching through my wife’s property and breaking many items in her property, telling me that he is taking me to jail and criminally charging [me] for any unlawful items he finds in my wife’s property ( he found nothing), he gave me my wife’s property and unhand cuffed me telling me that I could leave.

There were many of our peers in this community witnessing the crimes that Officer Burton committed on me and my wife. It was extremely humiliating to say the least and the only thing his boss said he’ll do is put a report in his officer’s file and it will come out in 5 years. [He didn’t even make his officer apologize to my wife.]


In the past three years here at El Dorado County, California, USA, there has been non-stop situations the like law enforcement has done to my family. They have broke into our home on continues occasions. When we had break-ins we have called the cops and they have aggressively made statements like: you imagined it (with fist& teeth clenched and chest puffed out standing inches from my face).


One month shy of my early release review to be let off parole early with no parole violations, law enforcement here even came into a breakfast place (Heidi’s) my wife and I were eating at and said that they had a road block up the street and they are blocking me from the back when I leave and the arrest order is to be fatal. We were forced to enter into a high speed chase and we ran through the woods for a week starving of food just to save our lives from this government.


They came to our camp site in the woods at a later date and put some type of gas agent on us. When we started running we saw that they were wearing gas mask & protective clothing. They were yelling out through the night air like celebrating the harm they had done to us.


The government does these types of unlawful acts because with no parole violations they had to let me off parole in 2 years, and they wanted to unlawfully extend my parole for an extra 2 years (which they did). Threating my life forced me to escape the supervision of my parole officer whom was the one whom ordered this fatal hit if I were to stay.


This government’s reason for their unlawful misconduct on my family is that we are mentally ill and we are making it up. We believe their claim strengthens showing of their corruptness on humanity in our own country because the government is committing these crimes against their own mentally ill and refuse to investigate because they say someone is mentally ill, thus, gifting an illegal free-for-all for government officials to abuse the countries mentally ill citizens. This in it self violates [The American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA)]. They robbed all appeal democracy avenues away from the mentally ill as sited here. Of course the laws that were made on paper say they can’t and don’t do these type of acts. Their argument helped us here I thank them for that.





In the past three years I have had 6 parole agents assigned to me.


  1. Parole Agent Cisneros, told me and my family to get an apartment and move to Sacramento to attend big-rig truck driving school. The trucking school was going to give me a job in 7 weeks making approximately $40,000 a year. We spent about $2,000.00, our family’s savings, to do the move.
  2. Parole Agent Alvarado, kept letting me travel to me new apartment where my wife and child were living with this parole transfer was pending (approximate 45 days).
  3. Parole Agent Blunt, ordered that I cannot go to my apartment at Sacramento or he’ll violated me and put me in prison for a maximum of 1 year. Blunt, also gave me a drug test for a prescribed medication he knew I was taking and filed a fabricated violation for it in my file and forced me to attend meetings for it or he’ll return me to custody for a maximum of 1 year. Blunt’s supervisor, Parole Supervisor De La Cruz, unlawfully ordered I don’t go back to my home at Sacramento where my wife was and my daughter now attending school or she’ll violate me for a maximum of 1 year. I lost our apartment and $2,000.00 investment to move there.
  4. Parole Agent Weiner, came to my new home and would rush into my daughter’s room and make statements in front of her like, I’m just making sure nothing happens to her because you’re a parolee.
  5. Parole Supervisor Jon DeRoco, came to our new home and made a lengthy argument with our 6 year old daughter present saying that if I become a problem to him that he’ll lie and make something up and put me back into prison. We demanded that DeRoco not say statements like that in front of our 6 year old daughter and he laughed and started saying it louder and louder for about 20 minutes. The next home visit of DeRoco, he said in front of our 6 year old daughter that we were hiding a gun and to go ahead and kill him now and get it over with for another lengthy time. We told him to not say these types of statements in front of our 6 year old daughter and he just kept saying it over and over. DeRoco told me to move to Sacramento to attend the same trucking school early spoke of so I invested all my family’s money and got another apartment. They then denied me to live at Sacramento and told me that if my parents give me a ride to the trucking school I can still attend, so my father gave me his old car. Then DeRoco, denied me to attend the trucking school and said that there was a company, Karsten Homes (construction) that hires parolees out of prison and that I should go work there at minimum wage and it is really hard work but if you really want it. I told DeRoco why should I go to work at a company you guys have a contract with at minimum wage when I can work at the trucking company for $40,000.00 a year. DeRoco refused now to let me work at the trucking company despite my family’s great amount of time and money we spent from their orders to move there. DeRoco wanted to know the contents of my wife’s handbag but American Law prevents law enforcement from searching through a citizens’ belongings so we went to town to pay bills at the check cashing store and then pick our daughter up from school and a street officer approached us an made me sit on the ground in from of our community and aggressively and violently told my wife that she was going to jail, cracked her wrist, stole her hand bag and searched through it against her will, and stole some items out of it, then let us go. The doctors refused to treat me wife because a cop did that to her. DeRoco later at his office said that my wife should of knew that when she got a tattoo that cops were going to do that to her and that is her own fault. I said that because a woman gets a tattoo doesn’t give law enforcement the right to unlawfully search through her bag and crack her wrist and threaten to take her to jail, DeRoco then threw his feet off his desk and slammed them loudly on the floor, clenched his fist together, and started screaming at me while a armed officer ran into the room very close to me and glared at me in a violent demeanor. Directly after this is when the threat on my life happened at Heidi’s from officers. I fled with no parole violations one month shy of my early release review to be released off parole because this government told me they were going to murder me right in front of my wife.
  6. Parole agent Weiner, was reassigned to be my agent. I told Weiner of many harassments that were happening to my family and begged him to intervene. This agent kept saying that he knows and he did nothing but allowed these harms to happen so we went to the FBI. The night after the FBI visit to tell on the California Department of Corrections and their associates criminal behavior against my family, is when some people in protective gear used a gas agent against me and my wife at our camp site and attempted to murder us. We went back to the FBI whom kicked us out and refused to help. Fleeing for our lives we were forced to leave our vehicle behind. We checked on it about a week ago and everything including the stereo and battery were stole out of it and the cops and parole refuse to intervene in our behalf because it was them who did this act to us. So we sold it to a company for a little $200.00 because we couldn’t afford to retrieve it and the company said that now our new tires were stolen off it and the vehicle had bullet holes all over it. This was the fourth vehicle that the El Dorado county sheriffs had vandalized. We told the parole and the deputies. They failed to enforce the law in our behalf and deal with the vandals. This fourth vehicle was directly involved with the gassing at our tent and when they found that we were going to sell it, the vehicle ended up missing tires, bullet holes, and broken windows. This was not how we found it two weeks before. PROOF!!!! The El Dorado county sheriffs also stole my vehicle off of private property, towed it and sold it for storage fees- they claim. The judge ordered it returned yet the sheriffs refused.


I can keep going on and on about the criminal act this government is committing against me and my family. America is at war with countries at the Middle East saying that the Taliban and the like organizations must be stopped because they are abusing their citizens in this fashion, but the truth is that here at the United States’ California, the governments here are going the same type of acts against any citizens it doesn’t like, and treating like royalty citizens it wants to.


I say to you that your media service can print this fact about the United States and it will help so many people in the United States and other parts of the world, including in the Middle East, and hopefully those with the power in the United States will intervene and stop these “Tyrant Officers of the Court” here at El Dorado County at all levels of government.


We thank you for taking the time to read this prayer for help and god bless to the world to be free from tyranny and the harm that come with it.







Find Peace in the Voice of the Eternal, Tait and Lisa Belyew.






































You may also investigate the murders by going to www.mtdemocrat.com the dates we found this information was june-18-2012 (pgs.a-7) & June 20-2012 (pgs.a-1, a-5, a-7, a-9 &a-12)














Please help and respond to: PHONE # (530) 558-0073.

Tait & Lisa Belyew, General Delivery1, Rancho   Cordova, CA, 95670, USA.




Ps: We are willing to take a polygraph examination (lie detector test) for your company for the validity of truths sited in this letter.


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