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Yes I do know a lot about the Tsi-Akim History…

First of all I would like to say that I AM RIGHT that your ‘tribe’ was terminated. The history I was told of , by one of your own members who you stole his logo, told me that your ancestor’s ONCE WERE a Federally Recognized tribe in the Taylorsville area. Supposedly your ‘tribe’ did not […]

Since we are “flagged” in the cops computers this is what they wish they could do to us!

Cops with educated kids!

Alexis Poortinga 3 days ago Wow. You are one hell of a bitch. Get out of my town and stay out. Read more Show less

talk about some crazy stuff. What’s wrong with some of these videos?

Just don’t do it! No matter what position you have!


AND THEY TRIED THIS TACTIC MANY TIMES WITH US! REFER TO SEXUAL ASSAULT ON LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN [MURDER PLOT]. Mark moody A good man is dead, according to the dozens of family members, friends and acquaintances who contacted the Mountain Democrat this week about Mark Moody. This reporter lost track of the many individuals who called […]

So there you have it folks.

Belyew et al v. Brown et al Plaintiff: Tait L. Belyew and Lisa M. Belyew Defendant: Brown, Obama and Tsi-Akim Maidu Corporation Case Number: 2:2015cv00453 Filed: February 27, 2015 Court: California Eastern District Court Office: Sacramento Office County: El Dorado Referring Judge: Edmund F. Brennan Presiding Judge: Morrison C. England Nature of Suit: Other Civil […]

Officer Fulton commits perjury on the stand. [not punished]

Only in America! officer Fulton’s perjury


Of course a lot more rudeness happened before I started filming. They made derogatory comments to both of us about our ‘alternative lifestyle’. They even had their young kids holding their privates and making sick gestures and name-calling.

Another to add to World’s Dumbest Cop Criminals.