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Organized Stalking is a crime…

A system of organized psychological terror tactics used against a person who has become an enemy of an individual or a government. Subtle but effective techniques of stalking by multiple individuals and psychological intimidation and manipulation are used to slowly but surely drive the target to make complaints to authorities who will see the complaints […]

Qualified Immunity for Officers…

…the law  enforcement officer  is entitled to qualified immunity if there  was no constitutional violation in the first place.

Convicted child rapist- robert amaro perez

Here you go Catherine, Maria, and Valerie JOHNSON! I told you the truth would set you FREE!!!! I fell for his smooth talk lies too. I know it’s embarrassing but you should think about your children’s future. Children tend to want to be like their parents. I’m giving you this information for the best interest […]

tsi-akim maidu [self-claimed tribe] thieves!


D.N.A. scam?

What disturbed me today while looking at knives at Big 5 was the fact the saleswoman, with attitude, took the knife I had put my fingerprints on took off into the back after I told her I wanted that knife, because it already had my prints on it. She told me they had new ones […]