Don’t be intimidated by Hylton Security… YOU HAVE RIGHTS!

I have witness these gossiping juvenile delinquents on many occasions harass, stalk, intimidate, and threaten other paying customers on this transit property. their job by the Butte County Regional Transit states:

During the hours of operation, the security company is ensuring there aren’t any issues

involving vandalism of the facility and public restroom, illegal drug activity, loitering and

property destruction, and sexual harassment in and around the transit facility. In

addition, the security company provides the riders a sense of security as they visit the


this is derived from the BCAG (Butte County Association of Governments) agenda minutes from 2015. these “juvenile delinquents” need to act like security guards, stop harassing and intimidating paying customers who have done NOTHING wrong. If they have done anything to you in a disrespectful manner you may contact us via e-mail:

You have THE RIGHT to appeal them. Call their Company, put in a complaint to butte county regional transit, put in a complaint to FTA, put your foot down to harassment techniques like this. TELL US! we will do it for you! go online to these companies and they will supply you with the direct links to the complaint forms. We advocate against corrupt entities such as this. We will continue to do so until we leave.


leave a reply and I will get back to you at the beep!

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