The Informant’s International Murder threat…

That was not a good move for you, Emanual Lapuste, coming to our house and threatening us with murder AFTER there has been Federal Government Documents implicating your involvement in murdering Mr. Bailey. The government leaves paperwork out there for people like us who investigate and use to inform the citizens.  Don’t be mad at us for what your government did or what you got caught doing. God will pass His judgment on you for your irrational methamphetamine induced psychosis crime you and your co-defendant, Mr. Frederickson, committed while he is in prison for life without parole and you’re running around our country threatening the U.S. citizens.

We are well aware that foreign internationals are brought here to carry out dirty work for the government.  Just too bad you are being used and abused. The right thing to do would be to talk without the threats.

We informed you both when we met our belief of prosecutors informants are cockroaches in our Country.

I will be waiting for your response.

leave a reply and I will get back to you at the beep!

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