About STORM!!

My name is Storm. I created this blog site mainly to educate people who are unaware of their God given civil liberties. The ACLU will not do it. (they’re only in it for money or to murder unborn children) I have been putting flyers out, business cards, this wonderful blog site that i am so thankful for , bless you WordPress. The punk police have tried on numerous occasions to have me take this website down and I refuse. Even with all their threats, murder attempts, and VIOLENT SEXUAL ASSAULTS on camera. You may feel free to add your own stories and I will be happy to post them. I have created a You Tube channel  World’s Dumbest Cop Criminals and World’s Dumbest Cop Criminals 2 allowing the world to see that we are THE MOST HARASSED couple in the world by corrupt police and our rights are non-stop violated by crooked attorneys with crooked judges backing them up across the nation. You will see a trend if you take the time to watch all the videos. I have uploaded. Just keep in mind You can leave comments but the negative, threatening, harassing comments will NOT be tolerated and you will be reported and removed from my channel. If anyone has a story similar to ours I will be more than happy to share it if you are willing. Some have shared and remained anonymous. Some have shared and not wanted to have their story out there at all (though I don’t think this is a good idea because everyone needs to know what is going on and this law-breaking behavior from the government needs to cease).

We have been to the California State Capitol and to the Nation’s Capitol advocating against this corruption. It is a stressful, arduous journey with little to no help form any organization. A VERY FEW have helped when in need and this too is also disturbing. we are not paranoid and if you read through every post and watch every video you will see that for yourself. It is hard to deal with the fact that male cops are allowed to put their hands on women in a sexual manner abusing their color of authority and NOT BEING PUNISHED EVEN THOUGH THERE IS EVIDENCE OF THE SITUATION!

I have been sexually assaulted by many officers.

  1. El Dorado County Sheriff Deputy BROWN with his officers ELLIDGE AND SARGENT on stand-by (recorded on patrol car dash-cam/audio).
  2. Colusa Police Department Deputy LORMAN along with Colusa Sheriff PEARSON at his side (recorded on body cam/audio and patrol in-car camera/audio).

The District Attorneys and Judges in both counties REFUSE to press charges or incarcerate these sexual predator criminals.

With the help of others we can get this changed across the nation.





  1. Like your blog very much. So much stuff that I agree with.

    1. your welcome. if more people would get together on such topics it would make the gov. think twice about hurting the citizens. if it were not for us they would not be there.

  2. Yes our Governments need prayer that is for sure but this is not new it was the same in the early Church times and has been throughout History, man chooses who they want in power and God let’s them have their way, He does not force them to choose wisely by voting for those who honor Him and so they reap what they sow … Secular control without God’s guidelines, leads to dictatorship.and hardship but if our Government don’t enforce what is evil in God’s eyes we are to obey them and continue to pray for them

    Blessings – Anne

  3. Thanks for stopping by on my blog earlier, much appreciated. I hope you will also follow my blog, and I will follow yours now. 🙂

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