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Our Six Year Old Child and the United States of America,    This situation involves the torture of my family by branches of government at California (CA), USA (that is): California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDC-R), El Dorado and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Departments (EDCSD) and (SCSD), Child Protective Services at El Dorado and Sacramento […]

confession of a NATIVE AMERICAN RAPIST doing 12 yrs. w/ 85%

This is a recorded conversation from the police transcript verbatum (word for word). This is not bologna. This is reality. MY REALITY!!!! UNK FEM: HELLO? LP: IS KENNY IN? UNK FEM: YES. LET ME TAKE THE PHONE TO HIM. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) TELEPHONE KD: HELLO. LP: HEY ARE YOU AWAKE? KD: YEAH LP: HEY I WAS JUST […]

Oppose recognition of the Tsi-Akim Maidu! [CHILD MOLESTERS]

This e-mail is in regard to help you with your opposition regarding the possible FEDERAL RECOGNITION of the Tsi-Akim Maidu. My name is Tait L. Belyew. I am the Tsi-Akim Maidu that designed the logo for that tribe. I have sent you verification via US Mail to your Wash.DC office. In approximately 2001 I won […]

jacqueline mcclain of traveler’s aid! BEWARE!!!!

for those of you that know of, participated in, or have been victimized and your family torn apart by this “seemingly helpful program,” LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!!!!!!! this EXCLUDES the people in this program who are their loyal informants who go around ratting/snitching on unsuspecting victims. if the above is true in any case […]

who are they? tsi-akim what?

to those who are EXTREMELY unaware of this such tribe, you are not alone. this tribe NEVER even existed before 1998, when the cop members of grass valley, where they’re not even from- originally they are from the taylorsville rancheria, decided to get a wild hair up their ass and decide that they want a […]

! Be [YOUR OWN MEDIA] against corruption !

What I have been doing works to get the point across to cops and ‘paid off’ propaganda media. Tell it like it is; more people read it. What you need to do is get someone doing something wrong i.e., cops breaking the law (speeding, changing lanes without using their blinker, beating someone up, not washing […]

Spanking called for on Douglas County Sheriff’s

Now that we have established a “PATTERN” here, Officer Koontz, you and your associates who want to come up with an attitude and sit there and plot on people that are doing nothing wrong saying, “You need to move on cause you have an attitude.” Well AMERICA let’s just watch the videos and see who […]

Tired of these corrupt government officials in their everyday bullshit!

Why is it that the Feds and “undercover” cops can go around getting paid to sneak around, harass, stalk, and abuse American citizens when they are doing nothing wrong? How many more of these lops do I need to upload to You Tube? Well until they stop following and harassing my husband and me they […]