Monthly Archives: November 2013

Another day in the life… of Communism!

On 11-14 or 15/2013 as we were eating our food we just bought from Walmart, and kicking back in our blacked-out vehicle, we heard some male voices approaching the side. We witnessed the shadows go straight to the back of our vehicle as our dogs nutted up. They said, “This is an old truck. What […]


OBAMA”care”… In the times I have had government officials and their associates try to murder me and my family I have learned that one of the reasons they hire these “hit-men” to drudge up bodies, wherever they may get them at; i.e. poor, homeless, the unwanted, ones with no family to care for them, etc., […]

Trying to Support Our Troops. NOT!

TRYING TO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, NOT… It’s that time, again, to inform the [wonderful] United States of America and Citizens of criminal acts among us. In part, the Army/Navy Surplus Store is designed to ‘support our troops’ (I thought). Many of our troops used supplies are sold there. I had been looking for this one […]

Mohawk Industry’s “Sting Operation”

Figure out who the Monster is and win a prize of [reality]. My husband started a temp job at Mohawk Ind. in the State of Washington through ASAP Business Solutions on 10-09-13. (Don’t [ever] go through them! I’ll tell you why later.) Tait ended up doing ‘back breaking’ labor at Mohawk Industries loading carpet padding […]