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Since the CA government’s case has been pending in Colusa County, we have been a victim of the¬†CA government’s¬†continued abuse throughout the Nation. We have been victimized now in our home in Oroville, CA by his agents with threats of violence and death. This is what we were tormented with unaware of the sick, pedophile […]

Colusa PD Officer LORMAN testifies to violent sexual assault.

There will be an addendum to this article because the stenographer re-wrote what was said and/or omitted things. So they are [incomplete]. But the page numbers and description will be added later so stay tuned to all my awesome fans and supporters! thank you wordpress. (click on the link below to view the whole pre-lim […]

Organized Stalking is a crime…

A system of organized psychological terror tactics used against a person who has become an enemy of an individual or a government. Subtle but effective techniques of stalking by multiple individuals and psychological intimidation and manipulation are used to slowly but surely drive the target to make complaints to authorities who will see the complaints […]

Tweeked out cop callers at River Bend Park, Rancho Cordova, CA. (You Tube channel: Georgetown Snitches) amended.

In regard to the altercation that took place at River Bend Park, Rancho Cordova, CA on 9-7-2014: We bought an annual parks pass to enjoy the American River Parks. We utilize our pass several times a week (especially out at the River Bend Area) where we have witnessed unlawful politics against ‘homeless’ patrons. Sometimes the […]


Mink’i Kodojdi Hesasaka A’de Curtis Park (aka redskyluv, aka wildnfreesoul, aka paranoia creek…. village idiot!), You want to sue me for libel/slander? Well the fact is in the1927 census from the Taylorsville rancheria that sits before me. Let me see. . . What I see is that some of these people are related to each […]

Dedicated to the THIEF COPS that got busted and put on You Tube!!!!

You guys think you can just go around BREAKING laws, getting away with it, not going to jail for it??!! Well you got BUSTED and your stupid face is on You Tube!! Next time worry about following the law instead of breaking it and STEALING from the citizens just because you’re a ! P-U-N-K !

Global Warming…. The Cause!!! Right in your FACE!!!

It is disheartening, sad, depressing, to know that this is what our future looks forward to. The sky is now full of poisoned gas/chemicals which rain down upon us, Mother Nature, and our kids. Unless you grow your garden in a Greenhouse (with no air coming from the outside, poisoned world) can you [actually] claim […]

BELYEW’S LAW – Citizen’s Right to make [Citizen’s Arrest] on officers who are committing crimes.

Many times I had been a victim of different levels of law-enforcement, i.e. -cops -judges -d.a.’s, committing crimes against my person physically, mentally, false imprisonment, financially, civilly. At times these crimes were done with the threat of murder on my person if I did not comply or if I told on the ‘law breaking’ law- […]

Evidence to support our Petition!

“Government Criminal Suspects” Sheriff Deputies S. WILLIAMS & M. MARTINEZ: (a). At this new town Tausca & Storm (the victims) were visiting at Missouri, Tausca’s camper-shell back window was broken by two men. The victims ‘thought’ the perpetrators did not know they were in the camper-shell sleeping. A physical altercation followed. The perpetrators ran off […]

The Power of the Anti-Christ pt. 2

To: 1wanderingtruthseeker. Fr: Tausca [the husband of Storm]. My comment was more to WHICH COUNTRY DOES GOD HAVE HIS HAND OVER NOW. And, I am not upset at who wrote that either, if you or not. I was just replying to the area of Muslims practicing child abuse on a daily basis and them taking […]