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All documented and ignored. The FIRST FAILED murder attempt put together by CA STATE Governor Jerry Brown Jr. and his Agents (F.B.I., CDCR, SAC/PLACER/EL DORADO COUNTY SHERIFF and the Tsi-Akim Maidu Corporation)

Now there is a page or to that goes to the beginning of this writ and I am sure it is buried in the hills so I will, to the best of my knowledge amend this failed murder attempt in Grizzly Flat! This was the day that my husband and I had gone to report […]


re-posted from another site   Saturday, December 10, 2011   The sociopaths running the United States government now plainly admit that they are spraying numerous neurotoxic chemicals on us including aluminum, barium, strontium, arsenic, lead, and much more. This insane chemtrail attack is part of a larger biological assault on humanity and all of life. […]

Tait LaTausca Belyew [ is not ] on Megan’s Law [sexual offender site]

Tait LaTausca Belyew has [ never ] been committed of a sexual offense! Check it out for yourself.

GOD is Master! [my vulnerabilities]

I have seen and witnessed [many] things beyond our control throughout my whole life. Since I was young I spoke to a Power greater than me. I have been through many tumultuous events since birth. Besides the fact of being raised in a womb full of violence, drugs, and alcohol (born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), […]

When California had another “Budget Crisis”…. Seems like it never got out of it?

CALIFORNIA STATE BUDGET & LAW ENFORCEMENT [multi-billion dollar companies] California Dapartment of Corrections (CDC) campaigned heavily moving Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger to California State Governor. CDC protested against Gov. Schwarzenegger because he denied a [11 cent] per hour raise, and he released a great number on inmates that were sentenced to life terms of imprisonment –against […]

This psychopath loves making bomb threats on government buildings yet has not even been arrested for it?!

“I’M NOT FINISHED!” — Barbara Shults vs. Humboldt County … Video for barbara shults► 7:11► 7:11 (this is not actually where she made the threat but it is all on paperwork and in the el dorado county justice system) The other suspects in the bomb threat against the California Department of Corrections, besides Barbara […]