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If anyone lives in Yuba City or Marysville CA…. DON’T BUY A CAR FROM THIS GUY!


Sexual assault by Officer Brown, one of CA Governor Jerry Brown’s agents. . . [MURDER PLOT]

NOW HOW WOULD ANY HUSBAND FEEL IN THIS SITUATION! THE COPS USING A LAW-ABIDING WOMAN NOT ON PAROLE/PROBATION AS BAIT TO MURDER HER HUSBAND JUST BECAUSE THEY DO NOT LIKE HIM! On 10-25-2012 at approximately 0830-0900 hrs. My husband and I were awoken to a loud knock on our vehicle window. I pulled down the […]

United States at War with it’s citizens!

Think you’re being followed? Think they’re ‘out to get you’? Think you’re PARANOID?! THINK AGAIN!

The poor and Violation of Constitutional Due Process…

We wrote the following letter to the judge of the U.S. Dist. Ct. of Appeals for the Eastern Dist. of Ca. Listed below is our simple explanation of the letter in brief: We did this to ask for protection against the harms from the government & their associates; so, we may have time to complete […]

What say ye America?

GMAILs attempt at blocking my account because of this CRY-BABY CRIMINAL who lost in court and lied on the stand! AND ON THIS VIDEO! DESPERATION IS A STINKY COLOGNE!