oroville community slander/libel and government involvement…

When we first arrived in Oroville, CA we went to the congressional office of John LaMalfa to talk to him about what happens to us EVERY town we go through. We informed of the cop hate and how they use their street trash rats to perform criminality on us without prosecution. We started getting treated with hate and disrespect from the “locals” with the Sheriff’s Office backing them up. the “good ‘ole boy” syndrome again.

With repeated calls to LaMalfa’s local office and D.C. office they would run from us into their office and lock the door right in front of us. This is who gets in with votes. Not actually caring about the Constitution or the Laws of our country. ONLY THEIR WALLET!

And the community also did this to the ice cream man. vandalized his truck so bad he had to call the news. Hmmm? NEXT STEP?!






























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