Violent Sexual Assault by Colusa PD Officers LORMAN/PEARSON…

To whom it [should] concern,

I am a victim of Organized/Community based Stalking. My family has been victimized, terrorized, harassment, humiliated, tormented, abused, and terrified. The side effects are active and will continue for the rest of our lives.

I have endured much physical/mental pain from the abuse many “law-enforcement agencies (antonym)” have bestowed upon me. They have caused overwhelming amounts of stress in my life.

I was sexually assaulted by El Dorado County Sheriff Deputy BROWN on October 25, 2012. I reported it and was threatened by Sgt. Felton I would get In trouble if I put it out to the world. I did it anyways. And since, even before, I have been threatened, harassed, stalked, abused, humiliated, tormented by many different agencies across the country. The evidence is overwhelming and substantiated.

We are “flagged” in the NCIS computer told to us by the US Forestry Service in El Dorado County while under unlawful arrest for exercising my Constitutional Rights.

Now, on February 2, 2016 on an alleged domestic violence call, I have been violently sexually assaulted by Colusa County Police- recorded by body cam and substantiated by video pictures after my release, where [none] of my injuries were recorded, by Officers LORMAN and PEARSON (whichever one did the search and the other standing by watching/helping) as I yelled at him “stop grabbing my ass/don’t touch my ass” while he is grabbing me violently and telling me he is not grabbing my ass.

I believe this is in retaliation for telling on Officer BROWN for his sexual assault and for informing the world about the Colusa County State Park and their discrimination on the poor and heavily tattooed. This complaint was also sent to the City attorney and various city council members. I was scorned via e-mail for doing this too.

Equal Protection of the law stipulates Legislation that discriminates [must] have a ‘rational basis’ for doing so. Attacking someone for utilizing their Constitutional Rights [does not] seem rational.

Again we have another clear cut case government involvement breaking the Constitutional guarantees of the Belyew Family. This [must] stop NOW!

these pictures were taken approximately four days after my release.








  1. Officers script in their report there was not a mark on Lisa Belyew aka Storm when they arrested her on or about 02/02/2016. I believe she was housed by herself at Colusa County Jail and released a couple/few days later. I took these pictures of Storm as she cried and was/is emotionally devastated yelling those cops violently sexually assault me. Storm seeks Justice. 04/06/2016, I took Storm to her court appearance. I witnessed the criminal attorney they appointed her, SMITH, mentally abuse Storm in front of the entire courtroom before the judge came out. One white bailiff stood attentive and the Hispanic bailiff took a step at the criminal attorney SMITH staring a him. We witnessed him abuse a different client of his. Previously a different one behind his back. The prosecutors and their investigator and a few other cops witnessed the abuse too. At the end of a lengthy abuse on Storm the criminal attorney EVIL SMITH scolded something like, “you cannot avoid EVIL like I cannot avoid EVIL. Storm sat there taking the abuse staying quiet as church mouse and only looking at her pad as she wrote Don every abusive word EVIL SMITH said. When the judge came out, criminal attorney EVIL SMITH attempted criminal charges on Storm substantiating He was the EVIL Storm cannot avoid. The good judge did get rid of EVIL SMITH yet did not witness EVIL SMITH’s abuse on Storm. What the good judge had from the Motion Storm previously filed to fire EVIL SMITH, Storm had recorded and filed for everyone to listen to EVIL SMITH’s crimes on Storm. Of course EVIL SMITH did not know his crimes were recorded. Sucker! The point I’m getting at is why did not the bailiffs, many cops in the courtroom, the prosecutor’s investigator CHRIS, or anyone else there with authority, why did not they arrest SMITH? Why have they not arrested their two Officer Violent Sexual Assault Perpetrators? They had body cams on. Storm had pictures of their violent rapist attack some bad bruises where we couldn’t post on the web. Storm’s testimony of the attack. When she was arrested there was not a mark on her per THEIR report, and she was only around cops. There is such a thing as the United States Constitution, Equal Protection Under the Law. Or has the United States of America converted to ! Yemen ! Many cops, bailiff, shorthand employee, copsout in the hall when I went to the restroom twice – mostly the first time the rapist cop Storm pointed out said, “here he comes,” and when I looked out the window to my truck the put off vibe and slight position like they were going to do something not right to me. All intimidation tactics. I’ve experienced these type of crimes cops commit my entire life. That’s why you can find me on YouTube: Washington D.C. Advocating. Yes that’s me in the black clothes and black hat. Protesting, the government calls it Demonstrate. We have a solution called where we as citizens can physically arrest any government worker we know who has committed a crime and house the criminal OUR prison, and where you can look up my credentials Paralegal Diploma aand grades A- average after almost ten years of law work against criminal government. As in their Sexual Assault Crimes they victimized Storm with, they fail to arrest themselves. So it is our duty as True Americans to turn our law into a document where we can take back our country from these rapist terrorist and punish them ourselves. We keep attempting to ask our government for help trying to believe they all cannot be criminal. We want to believe our government is us and we are them. We love our country. My ancestors were even on this land before European invasion so you can feel I love my country even more than you. As the “alleged” victim of crime they arrested Storm for and I am not seeking charges, EVIL you cannot stand at my side and say you are helping a victim while you violently sexually assault a woman you EVIL PIGS. Slime sex offenders. You belong on Megan’s Law and in prison. To hell with your government jobs. You are the virus in America I fight to cure.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      To bad the Rape Centers are supported by cops. They won’t help someone who had been sexually assaulted by a sheriff. Been there and experience that.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    In all police reports it says when cops arrived there was not a mark on Storm.
    At the jail where Storm was single celled, I had not read any medical report where there was a mark on Storm.
    I pick up Storm and she started crying deeply and yelled, “those cops sexually assaulted me.” I viewed many marks over her body including her butt with bruises on it in the shape of fingers. During the sexual assault criminal complaint process, some coward scared Colusa Police Sergeant refused to come out side to do a investigative interview. After sounding like a feminine auctioneer for a while, old scary Colusa Sergeant finally said he was not going to a public place because Storm uploads things. The media is our U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment. Scary Sergeant doesn’t like our constitution the Law Of The Land. This Colusa California Sergeant and their other cops loved our 1st Amendment when they printed their story. We are going to see what we can do with these coward cops Freedom. Legacy. Money. Character. And who I can take down along the way whoever shields these coward cops running around in our beautiful American society.

  3. It turns my stomach to sit in the courtroom and listen to the judges and prosecutors and attorneys work together and committing crime on those who never studied law or manipulate the defendant to say what did not happen thus stealing so.e of their rights. It turns my stomach to watch judge and prosecutors and attorney and cops stand in the courtroom with a I am in control and I am better than you demeanor -as they try to send a woman to prison for alleged crima; Yet in the same case, the allow a violent sexual assaulting rapist cop to walk around free with a firearm and paycheck and they charge even arrest and charge him. Their attorney caught on recording, and again at courtroom, abusing his client and the judge refuses to punish him and allows him to sit their and abuse others in the courtroom. A judge that refuses to drop because they went over the time limit and admits to getting the motion and then lies and say he did not receive the motion by mail, yet the prosecutors say they got their motion which was mailed off the same day -breaking a couple Federal Laws. A band of criminals running around with government jobs.
    Colusa Government, California.

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