D.N.A. scam?

What disturbed me today while looking at knives at Big 5 was the fact the saleswoman, with attitude, took the knife I had put my fingerprints on took off into the back after I told her I wanted that knife, because it already had my prints on it. She told me they had new ones in the box. I told her it was alright I’ll just take the display because I already had prints on it. So instead of just taking it to the counter she runs into the back of the store. Maybe to switch knives?

This is a problem at every store. People look at many different weapons and put their prints on them while handing it back to the sales person to put it back on the shelf. Call it paranoid, but with how shady and corrupt the government is these days, how untrustworthy they are with whistle blowers, such as we are. If I am not going to buy it I will wipe my prints off. No matter how much the salesperson hates it.

They still take our DNA and I know they are plotting on trying to place it at a crime scene whenever they see fit!

El Dorado County is notorious for this.

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