Alleghany County Sheriff stole our property to place at crime scenes! (our belief!) (updated)

Things that make you go hm? Just approached by a supporter who informed us the cops were looking for us where they had arrested us, yesterday, which is odd because we were just at the county jail this morning. Of course I put a video on you tube about there little “sting operation” they set up in the area. We don’t have a campsite anywhere near the truck lot. Our campsite was raided by the corrupt sheriff and animal control. this was at least a mile form the truck lot and off in the National Forest!

Butt hurt about my video putting them on blast for their illegal tactics.

they stole my knife i just bought: Sheffield about 18 inches length total. blade has 6 holes and is serrated on top tip. So if you see this somewhere it is mine and the sheriff and his ‘good ‘ol boys’ are trying to set me up with their other crime scenes. (my strong belief).

leave a reply and I will get back to you at the beep!

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