CALIFORNIA STATE BUDGET & LAW ENFORCEMENT [multi-billion dollar companies]

California Department of Corrections (CDC) campaigned heavily moving Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger to California State Governor.
   CDC protested against Gov. Schwarzenegger because he denied a [11 cent] per hour raise, and he released a great number on inmates that were sentenced to life terms of inprisonment –against CDC norm. The Gov. made these moves to help deal with the Ca. State Budget Crisis.
   CDC always abused inmates/parolees when the Ca. State Budget was late from being signed.
   Tait was released from CDC after serving [14.6]  out of a [16] year prison term; 1995 – 2009.
   While Tait was on ‘CDC Parole’ the Ca. State Budget was in crisis. In 2011, the budget was in full crisis and CDC was threaten by government they were possibly releasing inmates and closing parole offices to save money. Tait parole agent changed to an abusive unknown a month or so before his ‘Early Released Review’ to be let off parole without Tait having one parole violation. The government was releasing parolee.
   Tait was told by the El Dorado County Sheriff/detectives that they had a road block up the street and they were arresting him –that the arrest was to be [FATAL]. Tait was eating breakfast with Lisa, his wife at a establishment. Tait & Lisa fled for their lives. This was a month or so before Tait was being released off parole early; no one would flee for no reason.
   Tait was given a abscond violation and flown back from Washington 2011, where he lived crime free.
   Tait had no been convicted of a crime since 1995, a mere [18] years ago.

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