To my faithful follower’s I have received some more news from others who have been in similar situations as I and my husband have been in. The following are their stories and theirs alone:

Approximately on 5-09-2013 I was released from El Dorado County Jail. The officers that did my release were Sgt. Godman, Sgt. Sholtz, and officer Petty. Now the normal procedure when releasing an inmate here is that after he/she’s dressed out they let you sign for your belongings and then let you walk out the front of the jail where in the jail parking lot your family or friends will be waiting or you could change to just walk off. Well on this day I was released I wasn’t awarded the same privilege that they allow any other inmate, which is to just walk out the front of the jail. I had a ride scheduled to come and pick me up that morning. Well as I signed for my property I was escorted out to the Sally port where all the vans for court were at and extra transportationscars. I asked where we were going and Sgt. Godman said, “you’re getting in the back of that car.” He was pointing to one of the extra transportation cars. I stated, “Hey man I am released now and I have my freedom back. You need to let me out the front like everyone else.” I then said, “Why are you telling me to get in the back of the car?” Officer Petty said, “Because we said, so get in the back of the car.” Then he said that they were dropping me off. I explained to him that I was not getting in the back of that car because:

1. I felt that they were up to something. considering the problems that I have had with them during my incarceration.

2. This was not the way they released people AT ALL! I was scared because on one event I was arrested by the Placerville P.D. and I was taken out to the middle of nowhere in the back of their patrol car and threatened, told “keep talking shit muther fucker I’ll shoot you out here and it will be easily justified considering how you high on meth got a history of violence and got mental problems.” I thought that this was gonna be one of those life threatening situations again.


3. I told them that I already had a ride coming to pick me up and Officer Petty pulled out his taser and said, “we dont’s care if you gotta ride coming. Get in the car now!!” I looked behind me and Sgt. Scholtz and Sgt. Godman had their tasers out too!

I couldn’t believe it, they were forcing me at taser point in a car almost like kidnapping me. I was scared that they would use their tasers so I complied and got in the car. They locked me in the back of the car adn I couldn’t open the door because they had the child safety lock on. When I was in the back of the car Officer Petty, Sgt. Scholtz, Sgt. Godman went back in through the sliding glass door to the selly port and stood inside. I could see them talking deliberating as to what they were going to do from the back seat of the transportation car. After 5 minutes or so Officer Petty came back, jumped in the driver seat and asked me, “where do you need to go?” I couldn’t believe why he was asking me yet again this question when I had already told him I didn’t need a ride anywhere and that I already had a ride coming to get me. So again I told him the same thing. Officer Petty then said, “Well if you don’t tell me where you need to be dropped off at, I’m going drop you off in Cameron Park.” I told him that I didn’t have to go to Cameron Park that to drop me off at the welfare office since we were now on Forni Rd. approaching the Shell Station and freeway exit Forni Rd. He stated, “They’re not open it’s a holiday, somewhere else.” I had had enough and said that if he did not release me out of this car I was going kick the window out. He then pulled into the Shell Station muttering ‘ok… ok…” He got out and walked around the car and let me out and looked me in the eye and said, “Remember between me and you I dropped you off at Cameron Park.” He got into his car and left and an unmarked car pulled up in the gas station and a lady hopped out and I knew I was being tailed by an undercover especially because I had a $200 paycheck on my person adn I have drug charges they thought they was going to follow me to see If I spent my money on drugs. I walked from the Shell Station to the welfare office and sure enough they were open and the whole time I was being stalked and followed by the lady in a whited unmarked car that the police use. I walked to the court house right nest to the placerville library and again I was followed. I met my ride there and left to Diamond Springs. My friend noticed that we were being followed too! By the white unmarked car. This car followed me all night so I finally called the police at Safeway in Diamond Springs to report it. The Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Felton. Sheriff Officer Culver and Ventura arrived. I explained to them that a car had been following me. They automatically said no that I was not being followed. I told them that I was and pointed out the car that was waiting out front of Safeway in the parking lot and told them to investigate. They immediately asked if I was suffering from a mental illness. Can you believe it?!! Totally never-minded my situation of potential danger and then asked if I was on drugs. I was but I knew the real reason behind why they were evading my situation. It was because they knew that I caught onto them that they had an undercover follow me so they were trying to cover their ass. I told Sgt. Felton that I wanted to make a report and he said, “no you’re not making no report. We are not letting you!” WOW! The car ended up leaving and some local’s approached me now that I remember. I didn’t know who they were and started calling me a piece of shit and that they heard about me. I believe that the police, including the Sheriff’s have been slandering me to the public. On another ocassion I was stalked at my campgrounds. During the day I was in my tent and I heard voices. I listened and caught part of a conversation this is what I heard, “some crazy person camps out here. we’ll see him.” That’s what they said.” I didn’t really give it too much thought as to what I heard at the time until after that night. I was at my tent around 10 or 11 p.m. when I heard the sound of people trekking through the woods. I opened up my tent flap and they must have heard me because the breaking of branches and the sound of people walking stopped. I kept hearing walkie talkie’s as if people were communicating in the dark. Then the torment happened. Whoever was out there started throwing rocks, sticks, at my tent and I started to hear snickering and little laughs. I got out and followed a trail out down the hill across the street from the placerville library and guess what I saw? at the bottom of the hill it was 3 Sheriff cars parked. I realized then that it was the sheriffs that were out there harassing me in the dark. The walkie talkie’s it was them I was hearing. Then I realized that the people I heard earlier in the day about “some crazy person lives out here, we’ll see him that’s what they said” was the sheriffs sending people out to my campsite to harass me or probably start problems with. I knew this because when I reached the bottom of the hill I crossed the street to the library and hid in the shadows and waited. The officers came out from the trail and got in their cars and left. CRAZY!
I’m really concerned more of anything about when I was threatened by the cop that took me out handcuffed in the back of his parol car and threatened to shoot me and kill me saying things like. ‘it could be fully justified because I was high adn I got a violent past and have a mental illness. I’m scared because I’m always stalked by the police or sheriffs and sometimes I believe they have slandered my name to other groups of people in the public in hopes that they could use others to cause me harm.
This needs to stop. I don’t know the name of the cop that took me ot that night but that does not mean that the situation did not happen because of that now ai pay attention to what the cop names are. I’m tired of when I notify the police about being fllowed when I state I’m being followed to officers and point out who the people are, I’m always told, “Well we can’t do anything because a crime hasn’t been committed.” When in actuality there has; IT’S CALLED STALKING AND MOLEST!
Police officers and sheriffs don’t ever want to do their jobs and try to flip the script on me and say, “you’re just high” or “you’re just imagening these things.” or preventing me from making police reports. So in all against Sgt. Scholtz and Sgt. Godman and Officer Petty I want to press kidnapping charges. And Sgt. Felton from the Sheriffs office to be charged with failing t allow me on as to who id the officers that are responsible for harassing me and stalking me adn when found out charges filed.
thank you.

Anthony Hernadez 4-30-2013

Approximately after a couple of days after I was arrested on 2-09-2013 I was booked and shot into A-pod, Administrative Segregation Wilson over the cell intercom that I felt suicidal. I was then taken to the padded room, str5ipped and given a schmock and suicidal blanket I was there for 24 hrs. when Doctor Charlene came to talk to me. She did not feel that I was fit to be released from the padded room. I kept hearing officers walking up and down the medical hallway to do their checks saying things like, “Hernandez is a piece of shit,” and things like, “We should let one of the kitchen inmate workers in there to beat his ass.” They were talking about opening up the safety cell doors up and letting an inmate kitchen worker up in there to beat me up since I guess they felt I was being annoying. I pulled Officer Roberts, Officer Hale, Officer Windham over when each of them did their checks and passed the padded room and told them that I heard tem saying they were gonna open up the safety cell door and let an inmate kitchen worker come in and beat me up. I asked them why they were making comments about me and each of them said that I was hearing things and that I must still be high. I said that I wasn’t and that I was sure I heard what was said. I heard this during dinner meal pass. When the kitchen inmate workers were present and even later after meal pass was done. After I voiced this they would walk away and out of view I would hear each officer telling the other officers in booking, “lower your voices he can hear you.” I got worried so much that I told the nurse Laura in medical what I heard the other officers saying about me. She stood guard at my cell she told me to prevent any bad thing form happening to me. A day or so I was let out and put into a medical cell in medical for observation. Again officers were walking up and down doing their checks and making comments like, “weirdo.” And pointing at me and laughing. I knew they were trying to get me to react. I told them to knock it off with this shit. I told the nurse too! It got so bad that I started to tell them that I don’t trust them anymore making little indirect comments about me the prior day about letting inmates get to me while I was in the safety cell. I was constantly provoked and all and then when I started to react I told them to bring who it was they were threatening me with. Instead he brung a camera and kept taunting me, recording me. After a while of taunting me they took the camera away and officer Haulf? I think I spelled it wrong, opened the tray slot the medical …. (one of the copied lines is cut off here so I can’t type what it says)… especially with all the comments of letting inmates hurt me, and threatening to hurt me themselves, and calling me names. I didn’t not feel safe with them that I wanted to stay in my cell. Officer Haulf? Acted like he didn’t hear me and laughed. Officer Stewart was standing outside the cell with him too! Out there was Sgt. Armstrong, officer Ruelas, officer Campora, officer Ream, Just some that I could remember. Officer Haulf? And all kept stating I was high and out of control but if I was then why when they opened up the medical cell door and when officer Stewart pointed his tasers at me and told me to lie down on my belly with my legs crossed and hands behind my back did I comply with his orders. Officer Stewart placed handcuffs and shackles on me while I was laying down. I was then picked up and then walked out into the hallway of medical where there was waiting for me was a gurney with paramedics. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know why they were there. I was ordered to lie down on the gurney and I did. I was still shackled up with my hands behind me in handcuffs laying down on the gurney which is painful on my wrist since all my weight was on them. The paramedics secured the straps on the gurney which tied me down and wheeled me out of medical through booking out to the sally port where whole bunch of law enforcement was gathered around the ambulance waiting for me. I was put into the ambulance and officer Campora and Ruelas made a comment to Campora about wanting to give me an ‘elevator ride’ which is slang for wanting to cause me harm in an enclosed area which is usually done to inmates in an elevator in the county jail, where there’s no one that can see it. I caught onto it and told Campora that he better not hurt me and asked them to put another officer inside the ambulance with me to ride to the hospital because how I felt unsafe. Everybody ignored me. Officer Ruelas then turned and told Campora that he was gonna ride in the van and trail the ambulance from a distance. During this time I asked why I was going to the hospital. Nobody wanted to tell me why in the ambulance. Not even the paramedics. I stated that there was nothing wrong with me and looked around inside of the ambulance. I started to realize that were out of place, like there was boots, and firearms, helmet, and a fire axe, and a battery charger. I was thinking shy are these things in here? The paramedics asked me why I was looking around and I stated that things were out of place for example why wasn’t medical things in this ambulance? The paramedics then said, “Do you recognize this as an ambulance?” I said, “No.” I got really worried now because things weren’t adding up. I asked if this was a real ambulance and they wouldn’t answer me and again I repeated the question and again no answer. Then I asked Campora what was going on. He didn’t answer me and then I turned my head around and looked at the paramedics and at that moment I saw what appeared to be a gun pointed at the back of my head. I freaked and screamed for help. The paramedics put this weird thing over my head to prevent me from looking at him and Officer Campora said, “You turn around again I’m gonna tase you.” I screamed, “He’s got a gun at my head and Campora immediately twisted my foot while I was in shackles to cause me pain that I would turn around. I felt a pin prick in my arm and realized I had been given a shot. I didn’t know why they did that and didn’t know what they gave me but I told them to stop. I felt 4 more pricks in my left shoulder. I tried to look around again and that’s when I got tazed. I was not doing anything wrong. I was not a danger to no one. I didn’t understand why he tazed me. I know those tazers are used on people that are a danger to self or others and I wasn’t. I was restrained. He clearly used his tazer because he didn’t like the way I was behaving and didn’t listen to him to not turn around. He didn’t just taze me one or two times. Clearly misuse of tazer and excessive force and police brutality. I didn’t understand why he was preventing me from looking around behind me. I kept screaming for help and I remember us pulling over and we sat there and I kept screaming HELP! Then we were moving. We finally got the hospital and I was wheeled in and put into a room. I remember a nurse mistreating me calling me names and kept asking me what drugs I was on. I told them that I’m not high and realized then what this was about. This was clearly an act of abusing me and victimizing me because they thought it could be justified because they were saying I was high. He kept asking me again if I had mental health issues too! Again this violates my Americans with Disabilities Act rights, that because I’m suffering from a mental illness or am under the influence… (some more cut off dialogue)…. Break the law against me and cause me harm. That would be prejudice and an act of indifference. I’m still wondering why they were videotaping me in jail when I was in the medical unit. Well the nurse started forcing things up my nose and I turned my head asked what he was doing. He stated, “Shut up” and I said, ‘no”. I could only move my head because I was strapped down to the hospital bed. The nurse laughed at me and left. I passed out at this point because I woke up later at night really groggy. Must have been from all the drugs they shot me up with without consent. I was transported again to the jail after a day or so in the hospital and then I was put in an isolation cell way in the back in medical for about 2 weeks. I was then approached by officer Campora yet again on 2-15-2013 along with officer Ruelas and told to cuff up and go to court. I was by then and did not trust either officer or I knew I could exercise my right of being absenting (abstention?), so I told them “no” I would not go to court if they were taking me. I’m using my right of abstention and officer Campora and officer Ruelas threatened me to taze me, beat me up and extract me from my cell if I refused. They said that there was no right that existed where I could be abstention which I knew was a lie. They were looking for a reason to hurt me yet again. I talked to my attorney Rachel Miller and she advised me that I did have the right of abstention but if I did not show up to court I could catch an additional charge of contempt so I knew that officer Campora and Ruelas were now just threatening me. I told her to too! That they threatened me. She said she would talk to them. Campora still harasses me. He looks at me laughs and mutters things at me. Just torments me and thinks it’s funny. So in all I would like to press charges against Campora for excessive force, police brutality, and attempted murder and I want a thorough investigation on proper treatment of mental health patients and improper misconducts from officers towards inmates here in jail. One thing I will say is that I came in high on meth, but was only high for a day or so. I was made out to seem like I was extremely high for weeks and I was not.

Anthony Hernandez 5-09-2013

On presidents day, 2013, I was having a few drinks at home as had been my custom to drink on every patriotic holiday. I am a disabled afghanistan veteran, and I suffer from PTSD; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of my OEF deployment. On that evening, I decided to go to the nearby gas station in order to purchase tobacco products. Before I was able to do that, I was confronted by a local law enforcement officer. The fact that I had been minding my own business lead me to ignoring and resisting his commands. My PTSD survival mode kicked in, my adrenaline rushed to my brain, and I experienced a blackout. All I know is that I must have either been beaten or a victim of roughness as I came back to my senses at the local county jail with a broken foot. My desire is to increase awareness with the hopes that our local law enforcement takes better care of their disabled military veterans and are properly trained to de-escalate tension and not to enhance it.

Miguel Ramirez 5-10-2013

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