what reasons do they have to lie?

Well let’s see….
Reason 1. My Husband beat a LIFE case for battery on an officer in, THE EL DORADO COUNTY JAIL! The day before they were to transport him to prison five custodial officers from the jail stormed into his cell and attacked him. Leaving his throat swollen out so far they had to do a barium swallow at the Marshal Hospital? and his throat had fingerprints on it! The F.B.I got involved in the jail because they were abusing Tait so bad!
Reason 2. My husband beat a LIFE case for battery on an officer in the California Corrections Department. I believe they fabricated this because the comments made to my husband by the officers were, “You like to beat up on cops? We’ll show you what we do to people that like to beat up on cops!”
Why? Because the ‘officers’ went beyond the scope of their duties. I’m sure some got fired/reprimanded/transferred, etc.
Thus these may be the reasons why they are so adamant about putting/keeping my husband/me on probation, or in the system in El Dorado County because of the serious track record my husband has. This also might be the reason for them to keep messing with us and trying to turn society on us.
And one of the witnesses is… Lance Kramer- CDC officer!! Now he’s going to get on the stand and testify. Well he was extremely insistent that we were high on meth so I don’t think his word is too promising because, even though he’s worked in corrections and HE KNOWS FOR A FACT THAT WE ARE HIGH ON METH (which we were not!) doesn’t prove anything now does it.
Just to give some of my faithful readers an inside view of the situation.
Thank you.

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