California Department of Corrections (CDC)/Parole was on the verge of a major office/employee shut-down through my parole period 2009-2012/extended to 2013, which, in fact, took place. A major amount of parole offices were shut down and many parole officers laid-off due to the Budget Crisis in California, which I believe I can prove was not the reason.
I was convicted on a violent offense that stemmed from a crime committed in February 1995- a mere 18 years ago. One month from my early release review to be discharged off parole with not one single violation, the El Dorado County Sheriffs threaten to murder me at a road-block that was being set up right out-side breakfast establishment that me and my family were eating at- to later find there was no paper trail of this chase- my family to witness. Not to mention the new [rogue] parole officer (DE ROCO) I received before ‘that’ murder threat/attempt and early release for discharge off parole review. My family and I escaped through the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains with-out any supplies. I was given a ‘abscond’ violation which I thought was my first. Later I found they violated me, in paperwork only, for taking my doctor prescribed medications.
Every one of these incidents happens right before the massive parole office/employee shut down. In a nutshell, CDC/Parole was jumping up and down while stomping their feet on the ground, flailing their hands in the air crying [Gu- Gu Gah-Gah] – I’m needed. To the American People.
During their fabricated budget crisis from all the money they have been stealing from parolees, their families, and the American People, CDC/Parole was taking Our citizens who were once convicted on violent offenses and on their way to success, impeding them by way of fabrication pertaining to criminal cases/reasons for their death/and plain smutting them up to society. -As today many Americans need the government to think for them instead of thinking for themselves. In this RICO ACT criminal process they utilized, successfully, agencies such as the county sheriffs’ departments/FBI/US Marshal/Ca Gov./The President of the United States of America. And, needless to say, [billions of dollars] of tax payers money [annually]. As for myself, and I’m sure a great number of once violently convicted parolees on their way to success, and their families, we are nothing more than mere victims of Human Trafficking & Votes in the governmental process.
I have heard many parole agents make comments (like- Agent Weiner) ‘You Are Steak On The Table- You Are Job Security- It Is What It Is’- and the like. On video surveillance these agencies are caught doing such crimes as sexually assaulting my wife, searching my wife violating her Constitutional Rights in light of the Search and Seizure laws in this country. All done with violence and aggression. Then, look at me, putting their hands up in the air, saying !What! in attempt to get me to react physically to prove they are needed.
Appeal process and attorneys?; let me tell the citizens of this country that these avenues only exist for the rich. We have been pleading for these things for years now only to be ignored due to our poverty.
We were left with no choice but to inform the world of the governmental corruption that has been exercised on my family with no appeal recourse but to be told and/or yelled at: you don’t want to fight a company with power as CDC/Parole because they can do anything; you are going to have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Is it really so out-landish to the world these [billion dollar] companies with these powers over the Citizens in the United States of America would murder, or hire to murder, people with criminal [pasts] who are striving for success because were forced to expose their criminality when none of you people would help to begin with?
Whether this government is trying to make us think something violent is going to happen to us or not- people we don’t know are doing things like the following usually with white-cop appearing men with a foreigner man: 1-31-2013 8-9 am, McDonalds, Auburn CA, corner of Bell and Highway 49, video surveillance for McDonalds, a white beady-eyed man who was cop in appearance stood next to the building the front area of my wife’s van and kept staring at us uncomfortably throwing 1/2 his cigarette away while holding something in his hand. We were drinking coffee in the van doing ‘this’ work. I exited the van to use the restroom and leaving McDonalds restroom a foreigner man (possibly- Southern Pacific) lit up and motion toward me making a slight grunting sound. I entered my wife’s van and the foreigner went outside and talked with the cop appearing man appearing to be stalking us in front of the van and kept looking at us while they talked, turning completely around when he talked to the white man. After a long period appearing to be talking about us with ill vibe they dispersed.
In our past appeals with this government, similar situations as the above happen to later that night a murder attempt placed upon our lives which we were forced to escape. We feel because we appeal the government and the governments past threats on us, and no one wants to help us, this and many other situations have occurred. Here you go! Investigate these two agents (and their ties) whether something happens to us or not. But if it does, People of the World shall know right where to go.
Only 3rd World Countries’ governments commit high treasonous crimes against their country and citizens. !Ya Right! I ‘have not’ met [one] government person here in the Untied States of America willing to help my family seek justice against these [tyrants] in our government. Our family likes to use the terminology [terrorist] in Our government. Because we are at war with terrorism. And we don’t want to believe Our country has stooped to ‘that’ level of corruption.
In Dedication To The: “Gu-Gu Gah-Gah syndrome”

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