from baseball and apple pie to tyranny!

[governmental behaviors]california
el dorado county and associates
1. 1988 charge: being from the bay area
order: never be seen at el dorado county
(a)drinking beer in back of the store with acquaintance.
(b)placerville police officers knew acquaintance, asked me where i was from, i said bay area and i was put in cuffs.
(c)i had no i.d. so now i gave fake name.
(d)at placerville police dept. i was sat in chair cuffed, they demanded my name, hit me on head with billy club leaving large lump.
(e)i was released, ordered not to be seen at el dorado county again.
[governmental behaviors] california
el dorado and associates
2. 1989 charge of attempted murder; plea bargain to assault w/ deadly weapon, 3 yrs. prison suspended, 6 mo. jail w/ felony probation, fines.
(a) neighbor attempted rape on live-in girlfriend.
(b)i harmed him forcing apology to my girlfriend.
(c)el dorado county sheriffs arrived taking me into apartment laundry, while cuffed they beat me up yelling obscenities telling me, el dorado is their county and they do not like people from the bay area.
(d)el dorado county sheriffs tried to put my girlfriend in the same ambulance w/ rapist.
(e)they claimed i was assaultive like toward brass level officer (justifying my beating)
(f)my police brutality appeal ignored.
(g)attempted rapist did 7 days jail
[governmental behaviors] california
el dorado county and associates
3. 1990 charge: violation of probation;
order: 6 mo. jail, live-in treatment
(a)volunteer marshall hospital visit, el dorado co., ca
(b)dr. took me in, i asked if i should give him concealed knife- didn’t know if i could possess at hospital, dr. took knife peacefully.
(c)placerville p.d. came into my emergency room bed and arrested me.
(d)placerville p.d. cuffed and beat me on hood of patrol car.
(e)judge order 6 mo. jail, live-in treatment at my cost.
(f)sacramento co. picked me up after serving el dorado co. sentence and transport me to sacramento co. jail
governmental behaviors] california
el dorado county and associates
4. 1991 charge: assault w/force likely to produce great bodily injury, felony assault, robbery. plea agreement: convicted all counts, one yr. county jail.
(a)fight stem between two cousins.
(b)two punches, a broken jaw landed the above charges.
(c)transcript stipulates, though i have no memory of it, i plea guilty to all charges and i received medication from a dr. at hodskins which does not exist.
(d)did one yr. at sacramento co. jail.
(e)at pg. case, dr. testified at pg. case i was 15 times over-medicated.
[governmental behaviors]california
el dorado county and associates
1992 charge: violation of probation.
order: 3 yrs. state prison
(a)el dorado co.picked me up from sacramento after serving their yr. of jail.
(b)el dorado co. violated me for the fight with my cousin.
(c)the u.s. marines offer 4 yr. marine commitment versus 3 yrs. state time, with time in i would be free in 9 mo. if sent to prison. judge deny marine commitment and sent me to prison stating ‘i see you fit as a criminal and prison will have money to pay for a program.’
(d)sent to prison for 3 yrs., parole in 9 mo., no program.
governmental behaviors] california
el dorado county and associates
6. 1993 charge: parole violation, spousal; 14 yr. case.
order: 1 yr. w/out halftime credit.
(a)i received a spousal abuse yet i was not living w/ nor married to woman,
(b)she called cops, said i pulled knife and beat her.
(c)not one print on knife was mine, they were “solely hers”, she pulled knife on me in my home and i stopped her w/ force.
(d)no plea offer, straight trial, maximum time if convicted.
(e)knife came up missing in evidence room but attorney possessed finger print cards with none of my prints, and all prints the woman’s.
(f)woman fled before trial in fear that i was pressing charges for attempted murder.
(g)case dropped before trial, i was given a one yr. w/out half time credit violation, still they (cdc) ignored judge order for program.
[governmental behaviors] california
el dorado county and associates
7.1995 charge: 5 felonies stem from kidnap/robbery. life case.
order: convicted of grand theft and use of firearm, must serve 85% of the 16 year prison term.
(a)at arrest exercised u.s. constitution 5th amendment.- right to remain silent. officers question me at gunpoint, “if you do not tell me what happened i will blow your head off, tell me your name, i will put one of these kitchen knives in your hand and blow your [profanity] head off” i remain silent.
(b)in patrol vehicle at arrest cite an officer approach re-attempt to break 5th amend. i remain silent. officer threaten he knows the judges/d.a. and other important people- he’s going to see to it no motions are granted and i will receive the worst treatment from the court system-” you want to play tough guy and not talk!”
(c)at el dorado co. jail officer re-reattempted to break 5th amend. i remain silent. threaten if i did not talk i would be housed in the hole my entire stay at jail. went to population 10 mo. 7 days later.
(d)el dorado co. sheriff seized my car without seizure warrant, vehicle lawfully parked on privately owned property, sold at auction for storage fees. now public defender mark ralphs filed motion court ordered car returned, sheriff/d.a. violate deliberate indifference clause ignore order restate car sold for storage fees.
(e)car sold at auction, no public notice (required by law) and one person showed at auction, another salvage yard owner.
(f)sheriff did not return (illegally) seized property after finalized investigation to which where they got it (required by law).
(g)sheriff did not give me written notice car would be sold (required by law)
(h)sheriff stored evidence (car) at a private tow company’s tow storage yard versus law required evidence room/yard at law enforcement agency.
(i)sheriff did not fill out seizure form at cite where vehicle was towed nor cite vehicles’ contents (required by law).
(j)el dorado co. superior court judge ignored his order.
(k)sheriff and associates commit felony grand theft auto, stole my car violating racketeering-influenced-corrupt-organization-act RICO ACT.
[governmental behaviors] california
el dorado county and associated
8. 1995 charge: battery on officer- life case
order:[visiting judge] made finding custodial officers went outside scope of their duties as officers, making them a citizen, drop felony P.C. 243.1, add misdemeanor P.C. 242 which was later dropped.
(a)day before scheduled transfer to prison 5 officers aggressively approach cell, commit no violation for housing at hole excluding exercising u.s. constitution 5th amend., officers beat me up/refused medical for hurts.
(b)el dorado co. sheriff street patrol officers came to cell threatening me, showed form they filed charges they’re giving me life in prison.
(c)tortured physical/mental/judicial for 6 mo. until FBI involvement. torture stop CDC staff because of this charge and CDC later filed fabricated battery on officer case- life case.
(d)el dorado co. sheriffs refused my attorney visit, later intervened attorney visit before beginning refusing to let my attorney speak to me until he tells them what we’re going to speak about waiting for me to heal after torture. attorney filed emergency motion to go to hospital after seeing swollen neck w/abrasions from officers, taken to hospital for barium swallow x-ray, jailers refused follow-up.
(e)injuries stipulated at (d) caused by officer taking me out of cell at hole and un-cuffing me, saying “this is what we’re going to do, we had a 3x case on you for battery on officer you beat, i’m going to [profanity] you up and you’re going to fight me and we’re going to put another 3x case on you, we’re going to keep doing this and they’re finally going to hang you, come on and fight me [profanity] fight!”
(f)FBI intervened by attorney pushing, they were rude/screaming/pointing in my face, good cop bad cop role, FBI did nothing and i never saw them again. sheriff set me up, tortured me, they were never punished.
(g)had tooth ache went to jail dentist, attempt to pull out good tooth when told this dentist said i had attitude. refused treatment, jailers laugh tell me to tough it out, attorney filed emergency motion taken to shingle springs tribal health who pulled out bad tooth.
(h)sgt. took me to dr. visit un-cuffed which was odd, dr. put instrument in nose scraping inside side-wall, extreme pain, little bleeding, sgt. stood in aggressive position, fist clenched, teeth too, squatted in running position toward me. and so on…..
(i)set up/tortured from CDC/SHERIFF ongoing today, murder attempts on family and child, now sprouted to wife who is law abiding.

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