desperation is a stinky cologne!

On 4-7-2013 while kicking back in the Target parking lot of El Dorado Hills, watching movies and waiting for the day that my husband is finally off the ILLEGALLY extended parole, a few women went by our door saying, ‘I guess that’s not our target anymore.’ A woman said also, ‘he’s been in the van all day and we can’t see in there and we don’t know what he’s doing.’ then we heard a man go by saying, ‘he’s in the van ‘jacking off again. He’s been in there ALL DAY!’ for starters we don’t need or like people all in our business being nosey when we are in our OWN vehicle, and we live our vehicle, our house, so we put up curtains to avoid the stares and sneers from these INTRUSIVE spies! at approximately 1305 hrs. lo-and-behold the E.D.S.O Hellam approaches the vehicle and asks how we are doing and for our i.d.’s. he asks me if I am the only one in the vehicle and I state, ‘no my husband is in the back.’ and his partner Ford was approaching from the back of the vehicle stating, ‘He’s in the back of the vehicle on the floor on the passenger’s side.’ HOW THE HELL WOULD HE KNOW THAT IF WE HAVE CURTAINS UP??!! DOES HE POSSESS X-RAY VISION!? SUPERCOP!!?? They also did not do this in front of the cop camera they had the vehicles pointed away from us. Well obviously someone has some type of equipment in our vehicle with ill intentions. They ended putting my husband in the back of the patrol car and I waited for them to tear up our vehicle again, I guess they decided not to ( some relief). while my husband was in the back of the patrol car he noticed on the screen of their computer that they had all these different codes up that we ‘allegedly violated’, unbeknownst to us, and they even have an animal code up?? We pray to god through animals and sage because my husband is a FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED NATIVE AMERICAN with proof from the B.I.A. They have repetitively threatened to steal our religious materials. THEY HAVE CONSTANTLY DEFILED THEM IN THEIR ILLEGAL SEARCHES, THROWING THEM IN THE DIRT AND LAUGHING. with all these desperate tactics, keeping my husband on parole illegally for two years and two months extra, you would think that EL DORADO DOES NOT WANT TO LET US GO AND LIVE OUR LIVES!!!! they seem hard up for a case against my husband and myself to actually think they need us to go down so that they can let the community think that they are needed. They want to search through the vehicle without us watching, I believe, they’re STILL taking DNA out of vehicle to place at various crime scenes [fabricated]. (Forestry service/cops stole hairbrush out of vehicle after I was hand-cuffed for refusing to let them search [my] vehicle. CROOKED COPS, CDC, AND THE LIKE ARE NOT NEEDED I OUR GOVERNMENT!!!! PLEASE SUPPORT THE CAUSE IN ANY WAY YOU CAN! THE BELYEW FAMILY
gu gu gah gah continues thanks to agent wiener

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