The G’s attempt at MURDERING US AGAIN!

So now we have the East Coast PIGS and their street trash plotting to MURDER us. We were supposed to do a radio interview yesterday. We walked down the same usually packed streets, which i noticed right away they were empty, and war tripping on it. The radio FLAKED on us. My security alarm for my unit went off on my phone and we had to run back before closing. While walking someone went by saying, ‘WATCH OUT. POLICE GOT YOU IN A DRIVEBY’ (explains the empty streets) Two minutes before i was denied access. I got in anyways to check my stuff. (public storage & their ‘security’) We had to sit there and listen to street trash say, ‘take em out’ ‘i aint going over their’ ‘im not going in their for you. You go get em’ ‘white trash aint stayin in my neighborhood’ ‘they dog name krypto’ ‘they be in dat camo’ ‘get em when they come out’ with a cop on his all-page saying, ‘you aint gettin them’. Racist ass hate. Blacks killing whites for the white man. So if you don’t hear from me in a few weeks you know what happened.


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