Cops kill the mentally-ill!

Marlene Nadler-Moodie, a clinical nurse working with psychiatric patients @ Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, said in a article ‘When peopke who are psychotic or severely mentally ill attack people, they often do so out of fear or a need to protect themselves. . . The public has a belief that most of the violence (in society) comes from psychiatric patients. But most psychiatric patients are so dis-ordered they can’t plan. They are Peaceful. They are suffering.’ Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, president and executive director of the Treatment Advocacy Center in Virginia and as sociate director for laboratory reasearch @ the Stanley Medical Research Institute of Maryland, agrees that mentally ill people are incapable of elaborate planing because of the portion of the brain affected by the illness. Now neither of us have been diagnosed as schizophrenics and the fact ALL ALLEGATIONS OF ATTEMPTED MURDER BY THE GOV. WERE STBSTANTIATED.


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