So now Hillary Clinton says I am a “Powerful Force” working against her! She has been turned into a BRAIN-WASHED ZOMBIE!

As you watch this video you will see for yourself that she and her demons kept glaring my way. I never said anything negative about Hillary or her husband, in fact my husband supported Bill because he claims bill was the only president who got the country out of deficit and everyone was happy with money. I have never put any Federal paperwork in on her so why would she say I am a Powerful Force against her? The Males that support male officers sexually assaulting women have brainwashed Hilary Clinton into a ZOMBIE! watch the videos for yourself… carefully.



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    Pure BS from Hillary Clinton. A couple of statements on what she will do,……….solar panels, but not how she would do it. It’s the same old CRAP. Good video bringing Clinton’s false promises to us shit-kickers.

    1. when they lie and people still vote for the lie and continue to complain??? i just don’t get it and i suppose i never will! thanks for the re-blog.

    1. thanks for the re-blog. sorry for the lateness. not able to get on here often lately with all the traveling around the country and advocating!

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      1. You’re welcome. You did a splendid job and the Secret Service agaent, when he got the call in his earpiece, while you were shouting about sexual misconduct of cops, he eyeballed you, directly. Someone in the crowd was the pointer (dog).
        I am not pleased to hear that you have the concerns that you do have. I am not sure if it is reacting to an actual misconduct or something believed and not there or explainable. Hope that it is nothing except what you believe is taking place. The times that I personally earched females, as no female officers or matrons in holding cells were on duty and none available in other commands, I follow policy guidelines, witnesses, under Internal Affairs cameras, and I found straight razors, .25 auto pistols, knives. The cute stuff, but females yelled later, though the law and guidelines were followed. Sometimes things look different but consider if I did not recover those weapons, and then removed the handcuffs later to fingerprint or allow them to use the toilet, even though I was in the doorway and not the stall. I truly hope that cops today are behaving properly.

        1. sorry brittius but i have only been searched by one female cop in the last six years with over a hundred illegal searches and one sexual assault by deputy BROWN of el do co. and you may also view that complaint along with court documents and the CA dept. of justice testimony in people vs belyew. also on my website! you may follow procedure but these punk bitches did not!

        2. they were eyeballing me right before clinton came out!

          1. Were they? The body language of the guy behind Hillary may indicate, with this revelation of prior eyeballing, that someone was moving close to you. Next time, before things start, look all around you, ten feet. Then when they start getting jittery/eyeballing, turn and look around you, again. Bet there will be someone there that was not there earlier. Maybe you can move the video to record briefly, by saying “all these wonderful people are here”.

            1. oh yes mr. brittius i saw everything. just to let you know the new people who moved in closer to me were the ones telling me to stop talking and yelling while everyone else was allowed to scream at the top of their lungs in support for nothing but a callus serpent in human form. believe me i am on everything. i just look like i do.

              1. Just be careful, Secret Service are a bunch of degenerate perverts.

                1. i already know that. they all love the degenerate FBI!
                  maybe they are drop-outs?

                  1. Doubt if drop outs, but today, the FBI hires “librarian” types. We used to call all feds, “chicken chokers”.

                    1. jack-offs? lol

                    2. Yep! You got it!

            2. of course i did not have enough battery to record teh whole thing but just before the witch came out they were eyebelling me hard. i even told my neighbor and she did not care!

        3. this happened on camera, was brought up in court documents, and recorded by the California Department of Justice, using me as bait to murder and putting their hands on me in an illegal fashion. I do [not] go around crying ‘wolf’. I do not lie and i have no reason to put that out there KNOWING FOR A FACT, because the Sgt. told me i would get in trouble for it, THEY WOULD HARASS ME FOR HTE REST OF MY LIFE.

          1. Sounds heavy duty and I will venture a guess that the interesting tattoo work was on their mind as stereo-typing for something in their training classes about people on society’s fringe and subject to erratic and violent behaviors. As long as you were as sweet as pie, their actions were unfounded and without merit. Don’t feel bad, I too am tattooed and the toads always had some weird ideas that I was going to kill everyone in a fashion that would make Spaghetti Westerns smile, or something like Josie Wales.
            PS: The sergeant could lose his stripes for that comment.

  3. The rapist sexually assaulting cops were:
    El Dorado County Sheriff D’Agostni.
    Deputy BROWN, did the touching.
    Deputy ELLIDGE and SERGEANT, flanked me from the side as they pretended to search the back of my Range Rover Land Rover. And the laughed and gave hi-fives after they did this rape crime. California Judge WAGONER suppressed the patrol car video/audio and Park and Ride video of the sexual assault in open court. I believe Judge WAGONER sent these cops to sexual assault Storm to get me to protect her so the could Murder me. Judge WAGONER, then Prosecutor WAGONER with co-defendant sheriff McDonald, went on to private owned property without a seizure warrant and stole my Cameron and sold it at auction even though the judge ordered them to return it. F.B.I. did nothing .

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