Sexual assault by Officer Brown, one of CA Governor Jerry Brown’s agents. . . [MURDER PLOT]



On 10-25-2012 at approximately 0830-0900 hrs. My husband and I were awoken to a loud knock on our vehicle window. I pulled down the curtain to see the El Dorado sheriff officer outside telling us to step out of the vehicle. I yelled, ‘can I get dressed? He yelled ‘SHERIFFS OFFICE STEP OUT OF THE VEHICLE!’ I yelled back, ‘I’m getting dressed! Shit!’ my husband exited the vehicle while I asked Brown if I could put on my jacket he said, ‘yes’ I asked Brown if I could put on my shoes and he said, ‘sure you can slip them on.’ I got out of the vehicle and he told me to sit next to my husband. Brown asked whose vehicle this was and my husband told him that it was mine. Brown asked me if I would mind him searching my vehicle and I said, ‘yes and I mind and you don’t have permission to search it.’ Brown said because your husband is on parole we’re searching it anyways. Officers J. Sargent and Elledge proceeded to go through the vehicle. The brown told me to stand up and go by him and asked if I had any weapons I told him ‘no I don’t and you can’t search me, you need to have a female officer do it. I am not on parole/probation.’ He got aggressive and said, ‘put your hands on your head.’ I did this then he aggressively pulled my hands together and yelled, ‘interlace your fingers.’ Brown proceeded to search my stomach area, then grabbed my breasts into his fists then to my waist and yelled, ‘SPREAD YOUR LEGS!’ and kicked my legs apart and aggressively touched my vagina area down my leg then up to my buttocks and grabbed each cheek violently between his fingers. I was INFERIORATED. He told me to go sit down again by my husband and tried to talk to me about my vehicle. I ignored him and he got rude. ‘Why are you not talking to me now? Answer me! I’m serious! I’m not playing’ he asked why our vehicle was muddy and my husband replied, ‘we go four wheeling.’ Brown asked ‘where?’ and I replied, ‘in the mud!’ officer Elledge or Sargent asked whose fishing stuff that was and my husband replied, ‘that’s mine’ the officer then replied sarcastically, ‘you can’t go fishing’ and my husband replied, ‘ya right!’ then the officer said, ‘you can’t have a fishing license’ and my husband replied, ‘ya right!’ officer brown continued to try to talk to me and I refused to talk to him. I told officer Elledge and Sargent that they could not search through my bags. They asked which ones and I told them. Brown asked if the tattoo on my face hurt. I ignored him. He then replied that it was interesting. Officer Brown then took out a digital camera and proceeded to take pictures of our vehicle and my husband then tried to take a picture of me and I yelled that he could not do that because I’m not on probation or parole. He continued to shove the camera in my face aggressively trying to pull my hands out of the way while my husband and I were telling him that that was illegal and my husband put his hand in front of my face and Elledge or Sargent cuffed my husband while officer brown snatched me up by my arm violently and shoved the camera in my face and took my picture. The officer uncuffed my husband and we just kept telling brown that we were going to get him for that. He’s not getting away with that and we’re going to slime ball his name all over the place, that we are good at it now. You watch. As we were pulling out they were laughing about it and I yelled at brown,’ you think that you can trash my vehicle and think it’s funny? You think you can put your hands on me like that and think it’s funny? I’m going to get you for that brown. You watch. I’m going to go tell RIGHT NOW!!!’AND I DROVE OFF.
As I proceeded EB on hwy 50 I witnessed a CHP officer fly by us on the freeway, pull over and then jet up right behind us and light us up. I pulled off the freeway and he asked for license and insurance and registration. Less than 15 minutes after the sheriffs just pulled us over. Coincidence? NO!!!!
At approximately 1305 hrs. Sgt Felton and Dreher spoke to me about the situation and I told them that I wanted him fired or sent to some sexual abuse counseling for sexually assaulting me the way he did. I also told Felton that I wanted a formal investigation with all the parties there and it to be recorded. He refused. He told me that if I put this on the computer that I was going to get in trouble for; perjury. And then he told me that brown had a family and why would he do something like that. I told him,’ I don’t know what was going through that sick fucks mind while he was touching my body parts. I don’t know the psychology of what he was going through’ he tried again to tell me that this is a serious accusation and he has kids and a family. I told him that I did not care about his family because you guys did not care about my family and my kid when you placed her with a CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST (robert amaro perez who fled CA to Montana claiming to be a “gangster from Northside)!!!!!’ his last attempt to have me not put this on the website was, ‘kids read that’ and I said,’ that’s the librarians job to keep the kids away from the adult computers. Not mine!’ he asked about my blog site and if he could have my e-mail and number which I gave to him. He then asked if he could go talk to my husband without me.
My husband told me later that Felton threatened my husband with incarceration if I put this on the internet.
This has been on ONGOING THING WITH THIS CORRUPT COUNTY! I now believe that because my husband is due for parole release in February that they are grasping for straws and trying to set us up on FABRICATED criminal cases with children that we don’t even know. I believe that they are taking our DNA i.e. tissues, razors (that I can’t find), and placing them at various crime scenes. I have already reported that ALL our ADULT pictures were stolen out of our storage unit, which was IGNORED. There are numerous kids and woman talking about my husband’s private parts THAT ONLY I AND THE COPS KNOW ABOUT!!!! This is ridiculous and someone needs to do something about this!!!! Why does no one in this crooked county stand up to them knowing how they are????

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