Gill’s Auto Sales, Marysville – CA BEWARE!!!!!!!


I bought a Range Rover from Gil Gurmeck on 9-7-12. I put $1,000 down and was to make $250 mo. Payments. Because I did not have my Driver License they refused to put the vehicle in my name even though I was paying for it! Leanne told me ‘as soon as you get your license we will redo the contract in your name.’ I asked if she was going to be the one to do it and Leanne replied, “I’m quitting in two weeks so I don’t know who’s going to be here. I’m tired of this place.”

After everything was signed and the keys given Leanne stated, “Be careful. All of Gil’s vehicles get pulled over by the cops.” We both replied “now you tell us. We don’t do anything illegal anyways so we’re not worried about it.” Little did we know at that time that the statement Leanne made would become so true and haunt my family and me for months.

As I reported in my blog site, Motive? Harassment? You be the judge. Those are all the incidents from 9-2013 and beyond where we had vehicles from Gil’s and were NON-STOP harassed by cops!!
The incident from 12-10-2012 Officer Hamitt replied, “How would we know? But how would we know where you’re at?” While my husband and I kept saying, “you guys are stalking us and harassing us.”
That day we went camping at Sly Park Lake and had people stalking us there too. I lifted up the hood and noticed a blue flashing light coming from under the battery. It was dark so we waited til the morning to investigate further. We went to the parts store in Pollock Pines and asked what it was while a helicopter hovered over us for a minute while I flipped them off. The auto parts store lady said we couldn’t lift the battery up to check it out and don’t worry about it. YA RIGHT!

We took the device off and asked one of the male workers what it was. He replied, “I don’t know but it looks expensive.” So we went and GOOGLED the serial numbers off it and it came up as a tracking/listening device!!!! That explained why our battery, top of the line most expensive Ford battery, died on us leaving us stranded in the rain on more than one occasion! It was constantly draining 15% of our battery whether it was running or not. We did not like the fact that this A@$^#$% put that device on our vehicle without informing us first. Of course we would have never signed a contract with that stipulated in it! We made complaint after complaint of the police pulling us over and trashing our vehicle and breaking stuff on our vehicle. After we took the device off our vehicle went AWOL. Most of this is recorded so… It practically fell apart. In the snow the E.A.S. (Emergency Air Suspension?) went out leaving us stuck. The locks, windows, and doors would freeze shut not allowing us free access into or out of our vehicle in an emergency!

We ended up returning the vehicle and taping the incident while someone driving on the road yelled, “F$%^ you!” to Gil as we were walking the lot and another couple was there demanding another vehicle from him because theirs broke down also. It was frustrating driving down the freeway in access mode and your head is CONSTANTLY hitting the ceiling every bump you hit! There was no fixing it for us. We were not paying for a broken down vehicle. LEMON LAW!!!!

It was drama as usual with threats of law-suit and the paperwork in hand to back it up, along with all video documentation and video in hand. They offered to give us another four wheel drive vehicle, that’s why we chose the range rover. In the four months that we had the range rover we NEVER received any paperwork or plates for the vehicle!!! Gil violated the 60 day time limit for DMV. He came up with every excuse in the book; “I mailed it out but I don’t know what DMV is doing with it“, “They must have lost it because we mailed it out.”, “Now you have to go get your vehicle weighed”, for what?!

OK so he gives us a Ford Explorer and makes the money roll over for the range rover? We told him, “No you need to put the price of The Ford Explorer on it, $500. James said that because Gil had left we were stuck with that until we brought back the seats for the range rover. OK. On the way home we had to pull off the freeway because steam was shooting out from under our hood. There was an apparent hole in the radiator!! They were closed now and we were already almost to Sac. County (1/2 way home). A few times our battery died, the same one from the range rover that we were not letting Gil take, but he wanted it. We took it to get it checked out and found that it was either our starter or alternator, but more than likely it was our alternator. Any day they said our battery would be dead and just leave us stranded. Well wouldn’t you know it. We were at Safeway and our vehicle would not start. Over, and over. With luck from God it did and we IMMEDIATELY went all the way from Sac. To Yuba City to take it back. Unknown worker ended up giving us a Plymouth Voyager. After arguing and Gil telling us over the phone through his employee to replace the alternator and he’ll take it off the price, WE REFUSED!!! Plus every time you went four-wheeling it sounded like the drive shaft was going to snap off any minute!!!!
The employee promised that there was nothing wrong with the Plymouth voyager and it was perfect for us. Huh! Doing the paperwork they kept claiming they would put the $1850 Plymouth price down after we brought the seats back for the Range rover. I had them write it down. They even added the Range Rover price AFTER the paperwork was signed (look at the contract!) Plus my husband was not supposed to be on the DMV paper work and they put him on it anyways while mispelling our last names. When I talked to Leanne she said, ‘The only one who can change anything is Gil and he’s not here. I don’t know how to get in touch with him.” SERIOULSY!?

Eventually we brought back the seats for the Range Rover and his employee wrote out, but said only Gil could redo the contract. Numerous attempts were made to contact Gil and have his ass show up to the lot, but it seemed he always had a ‘family emergency’ somewhere.

Everywhere we went there were cops trying to get into our vehicle thinking that we were not in it. Apparently they were trying to retrieve the SIMS card out of the vehicle that was connected to the tracking device that I found and IMMEDIATELY disconnected. I recorded their employee stating that there WAS NO DEVICE ON THIS VEHICLE!!!

All these felonious, heinous acts were caught on camera and his employees were aware of! This guy should not have a business license WHATSOVER! He is endangering people’s lives by selling vehicles with practically non-existent brakes!, shot out drive shafts and tie rods, etc. I know someone else who went through Gil’s and they had problems with their gas tank and took it to a shop only to find DRUGS in their tank!!! This shady Arab does not need to be doing business.

Today I found out that the punk Gill Gurmek had to shut down his Franklin Avenue lot because of tax evasion fraud. Why is his Bridge Street still operating and why is he still getting my money? Fuck that scumbag who sells death traps to people and want to lie and continue to take their money and not do the right thing.


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