Do as I SAY and not as I DO!!!!

When I was growing up I witnessed my parents drink, party, fight, do drug deals, doctor paperwork to deceive the government, lie, abuse children / animals, and many illegal things. Now as an adult I see that not only my parents influenced my upbringing negatively, the government has also influenced my life negatively.

By breaking laws non-stop in the open without any consequences, I figured this was how I was supposed to “behave”. In the same manner. Boy was I shocked when I found out this was not the case. If I committed even [one] act of law-breaking I was arrested and sent through the court process/justice system.

Now how does this make sense? I’m told to not lie, do not steal, [obey all laws], do not drink or do drugs, don’t hurt people, etc. Witnessing the people who you look up to and are supposed to emulate are breaking the rules yet telling you, demanding you, or beating you into following them while they break them; are only living by the “Do as I say and not as I do” motto.

Being raised in an environment with that rule and rebelling against it as much as possible only allowed me to become a stronger person in the corrupt HYPOCRISY (the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.) of a society we live in today!

If the government expects [anybody] to follow the rules/laws, they [need] to set an example and follow the rules/laws of the Nation themselves, be held accountable for their actions, and suffer the consequences of their decisions. Just as [we] citizens must do every time [we] commit a crime.

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