Sikh Temple – Yuba City, CA

Human beings walk on the earth with the title “Warrior of God.” Carry the tithe with honor and respect and love. Sacred ground of the Sikh Temple, medium between mortal and immortal, I praise thee. . . .

Gil Gurmek of Gil’s Auto Sales’s in Marysville, CA, preached this to unsuspecting customers using the temple as a shield to hide true con-artist motive to commit crimes, as well as physical and mental harm which shall be in courtroom litigation and the World Wide Web until Justice is served.

Mr. Gurmek has no respect for the Sikh Temple, nor the title of “Warrior of God”, nor for human life… he had harmed his customers with illegal tactics along with participating law-enforcement agencies. He had put his customers in harms way without regard to peace, liberty, love, law, or human life… Mr. Gurmek should not use God to gain financially or self satisfaction at the cost of human beings sufferings.

Mr. Gurmek’s co-workers/friend claimed Mr. Gurmek abuses people because he has an alcohol problem and if someone did something bad in their past he justifies his abuse. Only God can judge and punish; not the [man].

We wrote you in the past and had not received response, so we request again. We are requesting you make a plan of action on Me. Gurmek to hopefully teach him the values of the Human Being, peace, liberty, love, and law, more over, to teach him the abuse of alcohol leads to these rude and disrespectful behaviors. We hope to hear from you in the future that Mr. Gurmek is practicing to be a good Human Being so he can be forgiven by all…

The Belyew Family


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