Figure out who the Monster is and win a prize of [reality].

My husband started a temp job at Mohawk Ind. in the State of Washington through ASAP Business Solutions on 10-09-13. (Don’t [ever] go through them! I’ll tell you why later.)
Tait ended up doing ‘back breaking’ labor at Mohawk Industries loading carpet padding into trucks. ASAP industries asked how tall Tait was when he applied and at first he did not know why. As he began loading the trucks he realized he was too short for the job and it was hurting his body.

Though Tait technically worked at Mohawk Industries, he did not work for Mohawk Industries. Tait worked for ASAP Business Solutions which is a temporary job agency. While Tait was in the application filing process to be hired, he had to fill out lots of documentation at ASAP. The three women who worked at ASAP in the office were debating about a situation. The administrator said to another employee that, ‘get this,’ [Home Land Security] comes to ASAP and retrieves all documentation pertaining to the employees at ASAP. Why would the ‘Feds’ confiscate your work information, unless you were an illegal-alien attempting employment in the U.S.A., or you had a warrant for your arrest? So now Tait was joining the work force and paying taxes what so many Americans see as the Right Thing -for the 1st time in about 20 years. Tait pondered maybe the feds and the rest of the citizens at America would like the fact that he was on the work force, paying taxes, and searching for property to live on with his family. After all, Tait’s last conviction was for grand theft in 1995, “over 18 1/2 years ago!” Why would law enforcement push to harm such a man, or his family?

He worked for two days before a co-worker, Dave (Big guy claiming he’s from Georgia -minus the accent). ‘Southern Bell Hospitality’ Dave asked Tait if his vehicle was broke down because Tait was checking on me down the street at his breaks. Tait explained we just got to Washington and were working to save up money to get a place. Dave offered a shop on his property where we could stay rent free in exchange for four-hour-days of work on the weekends. Dave wanted to rebuild the shop into a home so his family of six kids and ‘wife’ could move out of their trailer and into the shop. Dave said he would talk to his ‘wife’ Jennifer (this was on the 10th).

On the 11th, which was a Friday, Dave had us follow him to 485 Meier Road, in Winlock, Washington. We met Dave’s family.

Dave took us down to the condemned messy looking two story shop which was in terrible condition and had no curtains on any of the windows. Dave left and my husband and myself started getting ready for bed. Due to our past experiences and not trusting a stranger that was being so nice for no reason, we searched the entire two story condemned home. There was no locks on anything so we baracaded the doggie door with heavy boards, and the bedroom door which went to the front garage that had no door or lock on it. I tied the metal gate shut that was being used for a front door. You know? The kind of gate that looks like bars. We had to sleep in the kitchen to hide us from the un-curtained windows of the living room so no one could see us sleep. The front-door and living-room window was wide open in a rainy-moist Washington location, black mold growing on the walls, and there was evidence of what appeared to be ‘hoarders’ dwelling there; what seemed weird was Dave said before he left that he wanted us to shut the kitchen door where we were sleeping so moisture does not get in his house. This would block us from hearing anyone mess with our vehicle. The antique furniture caused curiosity so we looked through the record player. Every record was full of dust and from an 1960’s era. I heard a moaning voice twice in the attic of the shop. We discussed that maybe someone had died there before due to all the old artifacts, or maybe it was just hoarders because of all their stuff in the place. Being highly Spiritual, we burned some sage and smudged off our family -including two puppies, smudged the rooms, and prayed to the spirits to make sure not to disrespect them in any way. We then went to bed.

A while after we had turned the lights out I heard metal klinging at the front gate because someone was trying to get in. The person did not know about the make-shift-lock I made and they mistakenly detonated my trap. At the [same] time the gate rattled, the [heavy] boards baracading the doggy door crashed down making a loud slam on the floor. I could not see who was at the gate at that time because of the kitchen wall in the way. I asked who was there and the reply I got was a voice saying, “Tait.” I immediately looked around the kitchen doorway to see who was trying to get in where we slept at night. I saw a heavy set figure in darkness put their arms on the gate and shake their head in a ‘no’ movement in disapproval of my make-shift-lock. Dave came in and told us to move the bed from its hidden location in the kitchen to the area underneath the un-curtained windows by the wood-stove, and burn some wood. We declined! Dave, again, told us he wanted the door by our bed shut because he did not want moisture getting in. Well then why did he have a window wide open and the same door open when we got there. Oh ya, and the black mold growing on the walls and living room wood floor rotten to the extent it could not support a human.

The next morning Tait went to the trailer to drink coffee with Dave before they left for work. Tait was greeted by Dave with Dave saying, “how you doing Fucker.” I woke up and started tearing up the water-logged flooring Dave said he wanted out. After getting tired I went to the trailer where we were told, “anything here you’re welcome to, and make yourself at home” by Jennifer Allbrit, Dave’s ‘wife’. Kiki’s (Dave & Jennifer’s baby together) latched onto me right away and wanted me to do her hair, talk to her, watch her draw, etc. As I took my dog’s out to the yard to play, Kiki’s came out and wanted me to push her in the swing so I did, making her count to three before I would let her go and swing. Jennifer came out on the porch and said, “can I ask you something?”, I said, “Sure.” Jennifer said that her kids wanted to know if Tait and I were “like them”. She said her kids were shy with talking about that subject. Jennifer told me how her mom would refuse to believe her and her ‘gifts’ so she told me whenever her kids tell her something she believes them [no matter what]. Excluding her older one, all the kids latched onto us wherever we went. I asked what she meant and she said, “Clairvoyant.” I told her that Tait and I have gifts different from each other but that work well together and we get told things by the spirit realm through Prayer. She then proceeded to tell me when we walked through the door Energy shot through her body that she never Felt before, this made her tell Dave that she liked us right away, and about how many people had died at that house we were staying in. She asked if I had heard anything and I told her I had heard some moaning but that was it.

Jennifer told me how her husband had died in a DUI accident on the way home and his ghost came and visited her. This discussion went on for hours. As for ourselves, we do not utilize disrespect for the Spiritual Realm, nor children, to gain governmental acceptance.

Excluding our youth, we [do not] take part in acts that shall bring us Shame went we go to the Other Side. Many non-believers say our Spirituality is absurd. But remember My People, millions of Christians in the United States also believe in the Holy Ghost. Are they also absurd?

On the 1st Saturday, Tait was supposed to give Dave his 1st four-hours-work per our contract agreement for living on the property. Dave took Tait to Tacoma, Washington, to help move Charlotte (Dave’s mom) from her 3 bedroom 3 bath house. Charlotte could not financially keep her home because she lost her transit job. Dave claimed Charlette was fired for not following directions when she got into an accident while driving her bus. This was after 25 years of service? They arrived home late and tired well exceeding the agreed four-hours-work Tait owed. Dave told Tait he would be financially compensated for the extra work which never happened.

The next day we all chipped in to help transfer Charlotte’s belongings from the large U-Haul Truck to the green container on the side of the shop we were staying in. Jennifer’s dead husband’s brother (later named as Wade), introduced himself to Tait -not by name, but by, “I went to prison for manufacturing methamphetamine.” Some introduction! Then Wade refused to talk to us any further. Mind you, Tait [did not] respond to ‘that.’ Wade also brought over his two rude kids.

As we were nearing the end of transferring Charlotte’s belongings I went to the house to make lunch for everyone, grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Jennifer kept insisting that I did not have to make any lunch for Wade or his two kids. Jennifer told me Wade and his children can go home and eat their own food. This was told to me [after] I had already prepared and served lunch to everyone. Tait came up to the house and told me that Wade’s son and Hayden were down at the shop playing where our living quarters were at. I told Tait to go tell them to get out of there. Dave told Tait to tell the kid’s that he said to “get the hell out of there”, and say it just like that. When I went to check on our stuff, our bag of videos had been knocked over and movies had spilled out. Some movies [kid’s] have no business looking at -that is why they are ‘rated.’ Wade’s two kids greedily ate, did not thank me, and complained there was not enough soup for them.

At least, Jennifer’s kids had enough manners to say thank you.

At one point, Dave came back from the store with Wade saying a cop had held a gun to his head and threatened to shoot him over a ‘warrant’ for Dave and that Dave was a violent criminal. Dave informed Tait he was on 10 yr. probation for having a glass pipe on him that he just bought from the store and it had no meth in it.?? Hmmmmm?? Who in this country gets 10 years probation for a lawful pipe with no trace of a narcotic in it? So they were saying they needed to make sure that warrant was taken care of. I told Jennifer if a cop did that to us they would be getting complaints filed on them, and be on the World Wide Web. I asked Jennifer why she wasn’t on the phone talking to the Sergeant, asking why the ‘warrant’ was still in the system. Jennifer did not respond.
That [same] night got weird!

The atmosphere in the house changed! We heard comments like; “I don’t think this two to three week wait is going to work” (Jennifer), “I don’t want to have to look at that weirdo’s face in my house for a couple more weeks” (Dave), “what am I going to do because I already told him he could stay here for a couple weeks” (Dave). This was said after Dave told us we could stay at their property for two-three weeks until we get paid and get our own place. Then out of no where Dave hands Tait his credit card, gave him the pin number, handed him the keys to his car (even though Tait has his own vehicle) and told Tait and me to take Hayden, if that’s his real name, (Jennifer’s only son), to the store to get some sodas. Tait and myself do not know these people and we are blasted back with tattoos. Who in their right mind would give a strangers appearing like us their son, car, credit card, pin number, -and send them off into the night?

Maybe it’s that Georgia hospitality? After all, she is my sister, my cousin, my aunt twice removed.

My stomach hurt so bad that I felt like throwing up. I informed Tait, we are being set up for something. I ‘made’ Tait drop me off at the shop because I did not want to leave my dogs by themselves with these strangers behaving so strangely. At the shop at night by myself, when we were all [supposed] to be at the store, I heard a noise and went to the gate to listen and heard human-footsteps in the gravel. I was watching the road and heard it again. I opened the gate and went to check the ditch by the road where gravel is… nothing. I ‘know’ what I heard so I just made a loud statement to whoever was there, “I know you’re there and I’m not making it easy for you. If you want to fuck with my shit you’re going to have to work for it.” Now, mind you, I have lived with wildlife for years and know the difference between animal and human tracks and sounds; that was a game we used to play out in the forest. The steps in the gravel were of human nature. Tait made it back from the store and I told him what happened. The next day we checked the garage we had not been in before and the floor was made of gravel, which I did not know about. This irritated me.

Dave & Jennifer tried to shower us with niceness, trust, money, to send us away from the property, so someone they were working with could tamper with our property and us.

That same day Jennifer told us we could get a trailer and put it on their property and stay as long as we want ‘rent free.’ We thought, who in this country would let strangers live on their property rent free for the rest of their lives? Yes, it was confusing, but it gets worse. That night Jennifer told me Savannah said she really likes us and she does not say that about anyone, and asked if I would like to attend one of ‘Savannah’s” volleyball games, which I did. At the game her team got their asses WHOOPED! As I was watching the game Jennifer was wondering out loud why her daughter was ‘benched’. I asked her if she would like me to go find out. She did not answer me. I noticed ‘Savannah’ talking to the person who calls ‘foul-line’ balls and she was staring at me laughing. I glared back at her and she stopped laughing immediately and did not want to look at me for the rest of the night. On the way home from the game Jennifer kept trying to get ‘Savannah’ to “talk” to her, saying ‘you know if you want to talk I’m here for you’. ‘Savannah’ did not want to talk and got snippy with her. ‘Savannah’ told Jennifer that she did not know why she was ‘benched’ because it was her first time. Savannah who was supposed to like us so much did not even thank me, nor comment, to me attending her game for support. That was odd to me.

We started discussing that the place was [not] ‘haunted’ and this was just another family caught up in manufacturing drugs and are trying to work off their cases.

At work, my husband told me Fat Dave, and the floor man boss that has a desk on the work-floor Alex, and this co-worker who looks like a 9 year old boy but really is a woman -looks somewhat like Isaac from the “original” Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn” Shayla they call Shay, were congregating together. Shay pointing her electronic video device at him and replying, “Yep! That’s him!” Then going into the office and shutting a door where Tait was sitting that is never shut. Dave was also telling the group about some ‘chemical’ he used on the weeds around his house so they would never come back, as another co-worker, looks mexican but claims filippino who was shot in the neck in the military, replied, “That’s the stuff you use to make explosives, you know the stuff they make bombs with!” This was done before Tait even lived at Dave’s house. Not to mention the comments Dave made to Tait about the ounces of Methamphetamine he was involved with in his past. We ‘assumed’ they were doing this within earshot because the government has classified us as “terrorists”, and they were only trying to get a reaction out of Tait, which did not happen. Possibly, out of the government’s desire to arrest Tait & myself for a ‘conspiracy’ charge out of their desperation in regard to the trial they lost against us in the past. Because they know they must be punished for their crimes. We don’t bite on shit like that to begin with (amateurs). Only law-enforcement and their “rats” do.

to note: Dave took a weed-whacker to those weeds around his house…. They were not killed with bomb making chemicals.

On rides to and from work Dave drove like a maniac, never getting pulled over, and talked about his involvement with large quantities of methamphetamine, manufacturing, and explosives, which Tait ‘again’ never replied to and always changed the subject. We came to the conclusion that Dave’s little white cop car he drives around, which he is currently trying to sell to his co-worker “Matt?,” is rigged up with electronic surveillance equipment…. BAIT CAR!!!! (BEWARE!). A couple of you guys at Mohawk even helped Dave start his Bait Car because it would not start from the simple bad connection from the battery cable to the battery; like people kept removing ‘that’ to install electronic equipment.

Dave talked about how he knew some one in the South who had missiles in their backyard [right now] ready to send off on the government because they are tired of the government’s shit. Again, and still, we did not respond. Lets get real! Who the ‘Hell,’ you get it? “Hell” would speak about methamphetamine, bombs, chemicals to make bombs, blowing up the government with the missiles at his friends house, and the like, with his six under-age children involved with strangers?

You know? Cops. Feds. Confidential informants. Or just someone plain in-bred. Certainly not someone from California, but then again, they say we are 10X faster than the rest of the country.

This family is so “poverished” yet had a high-tech refrigerator, A high-tech washer and dryer set, just had cable installed with all the ‘fixin’s’, and had to pay the private contractor $ just to put in the pole, (so they say.), were talking about renting a wood splitter so we could all have wood for the winter months (that never happened so Dave just bought a new axe), spoke of giving us a radio for our vehicle (more-than-likely rigged), tried to give Tait a [brand new] pair of government issued “police boots” that did not fit him (even if they did he would not wear them), gave Tait a $300 limit on buying tattoo supplies so Tait could put a tattoo on Dave and Jennifer; later to set up a shop and make extra money. They offered us their R.V. for $2000 or a trailer down the road for $800 that we could put on their property and stay there ‘rent free’ forever? Who does that?

I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you?

This family is geared to take people down, whether they are doing anything wrong or not. They told on themselves. On the morning of our spontanious departure, we heard a high pitched noise, that would not quit, coming from the attic. Tait also heard some thunk noise in the attic. Our dogs went off and ran to the bottom of the stairs barking non-stop up the stairs. I took them up there and heard a noise and told my dogs to “go get it!” While Tait was at the house getting his morning coffee Charlotte nervously told Tait that she had to come down to the shop to retrieve some things in a little while. Mike/Andy was not at the house at this time. When Charlotte came down she had some fat bald guy with her who she introduced to me as ‘Mike. Andy. Andy. This is my boyfriend Andy.’ (slip-up?) He may have been a little too young for her too. She went upstairs while Mike, or Andy, stayed downstairs as she noisely got the bedframe that she had just told Tait the day before to put up there. No help from boyfriend Mike/Andy???? I continued to take stuff out to our ride when I caught Mike/Andy saying that he was going to have to talk to Scott about….. (agent?) and then when they heard me coming they pretended to do the “make-out” session like it was a brother and sister kissing. Mike/Andy left and I asked Charlotte his name again and she said ‘Andy’. I then asked her if her boyfriend was moving in with her and she said, “NO! OH NO! He stays down the street towards Cedar Village.” Mind you this is her “boyfriend” who never helped his “girlfriend” move her three bedroom/two bath house. Instead Mike/Andy let a bunch of strangers around his girlfriend and made them move her out. ! SOME MAN ! A “boyfriend” who lives down the street from her son and won’t even come and help his “girlfriend” move?

We just left ‘this’ place!

We immediately drove to ASAP Business Solutions at Olympia, Washington. That is where Tait had to pick his Pay Roll Check up. After picking the check up and going over work hour records at the vehicle, we realized ASAP was stealing a bunch of hours and money from Tait’s slave labor. ASAP argued that Tait had to drive all the way to Chehalis, Washington, at Mohawk Industries, to see what was wrong with his hours and money. Remember, Tait does not work for that company. ASAP tried to get Tait to drive a lengthy way while he was hurting for money for a reason… Tait argued and ASAP was forced to cut-out another check for Tait, and they had complete disrespectful attitude in that process. ASAP pulled a twist and stole from Tait, which they had to be authoritively corrected, and Tait was forced to pay WalMart an extra $3 to cash that extra check. Lets see if America’s [Home Land Security] is going to bust ASAP for stealing Tait’s money? No matter how brief ASAP stole Tait’s money -ASAP stole Tait’s money.

ASAP had the nerve to call the voice mail and aggressively bark, “you need to call us immediately, like ASAP,” then they hung up.

I do not want to forget to mention in another state I sought criminal charges on a deputy sheriff for sexually assaulting me on three different cameras and in front of Tait. Our plea for help was ignored, yet law enforcement(s), including the Feds, did harm us and still are, Tait and myself were recently [AQUITTED] of “fabricated” resisting arrest charges where incarceration possible was 8 years for Tait and 1 year for myself. Little ole us beat the entire Sheriff’s Department. This sexual-cop-sick-crime had followed us through five states and is obvious here at Montana.

Women out there! Be careful who you trust and support! Terrorism is here in the United States too. Rapists like to lie to women to get them on their side against the women they are supporting to be raped. In this situation, it appears to be many law enforcement agents who we are supposed to trust. Like ones that hang out in the coffee shops we advocate at. Cops should like us getting word out to get rid of terrorist-rapist and their supporters out of our government. Rape and cover-up does not only happen in the military to our American women.

Monsters usually are those in the household after the door is closed so others cannot see. So, to win your prize of [reality], have you figured out who the Monster is?!

If you ask me, and that is only if you ask me, I would say ASAP Business Solutions and their employees, Mohawk Industries and their employees, [Home Land Security] and their associates, and their weak ass rat confidential informants, are working together in illegal-sting-operations.

And now I feel it is my duty to inform the public, near and far, about such scum-bags like these who seem to love involving innocent women, children, and their families, in “dangerous missions” seemingly for the ‘greater good’ of society. Or to put innocent people in prison and money in their pockets through Human Trafficking.

What law-enforcement is going to walk up say, “I’m going to help you and take down all these [crooked] law-enforcement(s) that are harming you.”? We have yet to see it!

For those of you at establishments we spend our money in we feel you need to investigate the truth instead of listening to cops speak negative about us. If this has happened, the Right thing would be to speak with us about it.

This happened at: 485 Meier Rd in Winlock, WA
and Mohawk Industries in Chehalis, WA



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