Ken and Barbie (Good cop bad cop routine): Rancho Cordova Police.

I’m sure half the world already know how I feel about run-ins with the police, yet here we have another perfect example of how ‘credible’ and ‘trustworthy’ our servants to society are.

We just bought breakfast from Wal-mart and were enjoying it with our puppy, until the police showed up and interrupted. Turn it up and listen as Ken, the driver, says in the very beginning of the video, “Oh now she’s going to record me” with the utmost respect to their ill-intent.

Now let’s count how many lies they told in this 3 1/2 minute interaction:

1.) Am I being disrespectful? (Hmm! Let me see. Refer to #2. They’re not making me feel safe, If that’s what their intentions claim to be.)

2.) They’re checking for the “business district” to make sure the customers feel safe. (So they’re running our names, asking if we are on probation /parole and not on America’s Most Wanted to make sure the customers feel ‘safe’. they did not even ask for our identification implicating they already knew who we were.)

3.) “It was such a low-key incident I didn’t even get out of the car. (Funny! He’s standing right in front of us with his arms crossed like he wants to beat us up.)

4.) They “claim” to be talking to everyone. Well:

1. They pulled in from the street and talked to [just us] tattoos to blame? Ken says no, ya right! PROFILING!

2. They drove through the parking lot and stopped to ask no one else if they “feel safe”, run their names, or do a warrant/probation/parole check on them.

Ya I felt real ‘safe’. Any ways I believe this is in retaliation for the River Bend incident that Ranger LONNQUIST #115, was involved in, sticking up for the ‘law breaker’ family who used cops and kids as shields (and maybe for the run-in at See’s candy also on my wordpress site – Happy Valentine’s and Birthday from Sac. P.D.). Hmmm! Like LONNQUIST said, “No one’s going to do anything for you. Do you want to press charges? (so she can put a ‘rat jacket’ on me. So sad.) Of course I refused and said, “I would just handle it myself.” Apparently they don’t like the way I’m handling it – You Tube channel ‘Georgetown Snitches’ and other social media.

So just another wonderful day in this Communist Country. Slowly, but surely, you will no longer be able to travel the country without a visa and there will be a checkpoint at every State Line.

And, might I add, how is it that these “law-enforcement” agents are held more credible in a court of law? Ooops. My bad. I mean [corrupt] court of law? I don’t think any of these career criminals, who go around lying, planting dope, sexually assaulting women, abusing their wives and kids (stats on, murdering, raping then killing women, should be held more credible than [any] other person testifying on the stand.

Another perfect example of my run-ins with these crooked career criminals held more credible in a crooked, corrupt “court of law.”

Plus this FAT LYING PIG LOOKS JUST LIKE OFFICER CABRAL WHO THREATENED ME LAST YEAR ON MY BIRTHDAY IN FRONT OF SEE’S CANDY!!!! Why only give out your first name? Maybe it’s not even your real name lying COWARD!!!!


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