Tweeked out cop callers at River Bend Park, Rancho Cordova, CA. (You Tube channel: Georgetown Snitches) amended.

In regard to the altercation that took place at River Bend Park, Rancho Cordova, CA on 9-7-2014:

We bought an annual parks pass to enjoy the American River Parks. We utilize our pass several times a week (especially out at the River Bend Area) where we have witnessed unlawful politics against ‘homeless’ patrons. Sometimes the politics are performed by persons while ‘Under The Color of Authority’. We had filmed and reported one of these activities to the front kiosk who refused to intervene because a Ranger was involved.

Most of the incidents were not reported which involved direct threats of harm. We usually ignore threats. Persons ‘Under The Color of Authority’ [rarely] intervene in the behalf of the ‘homeless’ anyways. With that said. . .

Our family consists of a 45 yr. old man, 38 yr. old woman, and puppy. Being ‘homeless’ and sick and tired of abuse by the ‘non-homeless’ with the help of persons ‘Under The Color of Authority’, we try to video everything for our protection. “God knows” you can’t be ‘homeless’ and trust a cop.

On this day at our picnic table we occupied, this large tweeker snitch family kept leaving their area they occupied and made excuses to walk through our area making the usual rude comments like;

1. sleeping in your truck, huh?

2. sleeping in the park. (you can clearly hear bay area bad ass say this as she leaves in the van. I believe in pt. 2 of Georgetown Snitches)

3. you homeless bums

4. tweekers (also made as a threatening comment by Roman Soldier who holds an infant baby as a shield while threatening violence on a woman in pt. 2 after me and “tough mouth” Heather’s altercation)

5. “I’m from P’ville”

6. “I’m from Georgetown” (ooooh be scared everybody. They’re bangin’ up there!)

7. making a false report ( 148.5 p.c.)

Straight and simple; harassing us. The adults even had their young children grabbing their private parts telling at us saying, “take this dick you tweeker bitch,” while the adults laughed. (this was before and during taping). After we were highly irritated we began taping this family. Now making our own comments. We knew persons ‘Under Color of Authority’ were not going to help us. They never do. This family even had two woman form that group making comments to us, waiting until I left with the camera to go get their dad, who called the cops, talking to the cops and having to rush back to defend our space while they used the infant baby to [lie] and say “we are not with them and we do not know them” (which they just came from). Of course when the camera started rolling they tried to act on their best behavior, but that did not last long…

Storm immediately told them to get out of our area and the ‘assaulting mouth-man’ rushed Storm saying, “you can’t get in my baby’s face. I’ll kick your fucking ass you freak bitch”. – remember the two woman stated they were not from the group and does not know them.

These people ‘for the camera’ kept saying they were just trying to leave and we kept saying for them to leave then. Truth be told they refused to leave. After violence erupted and the situation escalated, this weak mouth even took the infant and used it as a shield while threatening Storm with violence all up in her face. To us this weak mouth was using an innocent infant as a shield while he was attacking people. (like when cops are pointing guns at criminals who take baby’s as a shield so they won’t get shot).

Talk about people committing crimes against children?! The infants mom better not make this man mad because he might snap put the infant in a microwave. I sure hope the infant is not a girl because he likes threatening to hurt girls. MORBID. You do not need the government’s Magan’s Law people, you have You Tube. Witness his coward behavior yourself. Child protective Services [CPS] should strip these children out of the homes of these cowards, order extensive services before their return, and so they can’t clean up their test order immediate hair follicle testing. You’ll see what we are talking about.

The tweeker woman (Miss Twiggy I’ll call her who nearly disappears when she turns to the side) was sitting in her truck acting excited and happy because we said we were uploading them to the www stating, “I’m going to be [famous]!” She is not going to be [famous], but she is going to be a STAR. backwards that’s RATS!!

After all the guilty RAN, we were forced to talk to the Rangers they called.

Ranger LONNQUIST, badge #115, claimed people at the park can come into the picnic area you occupy because you only paid to park and did not rent the picnic area, and they can disrespect you. So we threw an analogy out to LONNQUIST stating it must be okay if rich people are having a picnic with their family and we can walk by and disrespect them and after they are irritated we can sit down at the table they occupy. And that’s okay. LONNQUISTS reply was, “But why would you do that?” We told her that she was telling us it was okay for people to do that to us but we could not so that to them. I told LONNQUIST she was discriminating on us because of our social status. LONNQUIST stated the Rangers, Sheriff, and D.S. were not going to pursue this incident and asked if I wanted to press charges because I was assaulted. I declined to press charges after her statement (she was trying to give me a rat jacket now) and told LONNQUIST that I would handle the issue myself. She wanted more people in the streets to hate me because of my ‘social status’ and now have a ‘rat jacket” where the people ‘Under The Color of Authority’ would refuse to protect the ‘homeless.’

LONNQUIST and the woman with the infant made the same comments to detail (this is a public place and we can do this). This situation appeared to be plotted out. Hmmm?

Educated in law and possessing a diploma of paralegal, LONNQUIST is failing to enforce the law. I know even if you are in a public place a man cannot get into a woman’s face and threaten her with physical harm. That is the crime of Assault. Degrading her sexual preference with threat of violence is a Hate Crime. The woman pushing Storm to the ground when Storm was not looking was a Battery. The threat with violence to follow ‘You better watch your back in Georgetown!” is a Terroristic Threat. This family using their infant baby as a shield is Child Endangerment. The use of narcotics and alcohol around children while banned from the park are Child Endangerment and a Code Violation. Degrading ‘homeless’ because of their ‘social status’ with violence is also a Hate Crime.

So they are trying to say the ‘homeless’ or bi-sexual ‘freak’ should shut their mouth and let people with homes degrade and abuse them or the ‘homeless’ is doing something wrong? This is not true.

If someone is potentially violent and gets inches from your face and you feel threatened, you have the “right”

to physically move them out of your space. This is perfectly lawful. From someone to jump you from the side is a Crime.

So LONNQUIST claims it is okay for people to do all these crimes on ‘homeless’ because the ‘homeless’ is in a public place and the Rangers, law-enforcement, etc. will not do anything about it. What is wrong with this world? We refuse to take this abuse from anyone and so should every other homeless person.

Oh yeah, after all Rangers and snitches left the park who comes in and tries to hide their face behind their arm? Rancho Cordova Police.

To note:

We have been or attempted to be victimized at least 100 times because of law-enforcements, like LONNQUIST, aiding the abusers. And no lawyer will take our case because of our ‘social status’, [not] even Stewart Katz. In fact Stewart Katz intervened and told other lawyers, willing to take our case, not to take our case where we were victimized by law-enforcements which is on film on You Tube: “Obama’s agent burns brain-damaged man’s face on hot asphalt”. [we were ACQUITTED in this case!] This involved fabrication of case, prison time, false imprisonment, physical/emotional harm, abuse on mentally ill, inadequate/denial of medical treatment, murder threats/attempts, threats of more fabrication, I could go on and on but they are most documented on In other words Stewart Katz just might end up as a defendant in our case!

To add another note:

All our videos of that day are on You Tube channel ‘Georgetown Snitches’. We are [forced] to video situations and allow the world to witness our evidence because so many people and law-enforcement of today team up and say ‘these people are doing this and that to kids’. Of course the people say they say this against are ‘usually’ people with a past criminal history or are ‘homeless.’

We are forced to give You tube and wordpress our videos first because if law-enforcement gets their corrupt hands on our evidence, our evidence shall come up missing, altered, and we will [never] see it again. People like this tweeker family and law-enforcements like Ranger LONNQUIST shall say we were there videoing kids.

So here you go mouthy Ranger LONNQUIST, these people were coming into the picnic area we occupied getting mouthy because they were drunk and tweeking, whispering to their kids and then their kids would cup their little penis and testicles in their hands and yell comments like ‘ take this dick bitch, and sleep in the park hoe,’ while the adults laughed. (they were doing this BEFORE we started taping and you can see in pt. 1 they continue to do it! these type of acts are why we started taping and why we were so irritated.

It’s really sad to say that people can use their kids to harass someone because of their ‘social status’ while utilizing their private parts, keep talking shit, and walk through the picnic area you occupy to torment you, and it is okay with Ranger LONNQUIST #115.As long as the group of people outnumber you and make a false report p.c. sec. 148.5 saying they were filming kids is why we are mad at them. THAT IS SICK!

So many people of today are incarcerated because of similar innocent behavior, corrupt families, and corrupt cops teaming up together and say “the kids”. These kids do these things and will lie for their families because being corrupt is how they were raised to be. This behavior needs to STOP LONNQUIST #115!

LONNQUIST #115, not bad for a blond on a Sunday. But you said it was a public place and a person can come sit down at the picnic table my family occupies and it is okay.

I don’t believe this is true when the family and their children are tormenting us – even to the extent of using child-sexuality, threats of violence, and degrading our ‘social status’. We [then] possess the ‘Right’ to tell them to get away from the picnic table we occupy. The U.S. Constitution says ‘we in the United States of America get to live with liberty.’ You said “no law broken from them doing that.”? Did you forget the U.S. Constitution is “The [SUPREME LAW] of the Land.”?

It is pathetic who the government will give a gun and badge to. If you care about these kids so much, then you [will] do something to this family who teaches their kids these things and uses their infant as a “shield” in a potentially violent situation.


  1. You’re straight up trash and an instigator. Fuck you!!

    1. you must be the one at the park! HAHAHAHA! You started it and we finished it. Now remember YOU are the trash that called the cops and used your infant baby as a shield. Punk trash shit if you ask me. I hope the cops that have the copy do something to you and your trash family. how’s your reputation in the county now? Oh wait I forgot. . . you’re from the Bay Area so ‘fuck you’! stay in Pittsburg! I may go down there now and pass out flyers in your area so everyone knows who you are!

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