Drought? Need water?

Well I just recently was able to enjoy a few days of crisp, clear, blue sky (a rare thing in my line of duty). Until the inevitable happened. . . .  A much needed Storm was on the Horizon. Next came the jets with their lethal cloud killing, people murdering, chemical trails which hindered the much needed rain in a Drought ridden State. Where County Board of Supervisors are begging Obama and Governor Jerry Brown to declare a “State of Emergency”.

They are begging the wrong people. Those two do not care about anything but their “steak on the table”.

Keep up the hope for the end of the “chem-spraying” all over the world! Pray with me!

One comment

  1. Hysterical!!!!
    You do realize that you have no real followers, right? Not a single person that believes ANYTHING you say, Storm!! Just people who want a good laugh once and a while!!

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    Feeling like life is just not going the way you had planned?

    Well then I have the purrrfecct site for you!!!
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