GOD is Master! [my vulnerabilities]

I have seen and witnessed [many] things beyond our control throughout my whole life. Since I was young I spoke to a Power greater than me. I have been through many tumultuous events since birth. Besides the fact of being raised in a womb full of violence, drugs, and alcohol (born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), being molested at a very young age, being tossed around from Foster Home to Foster Home and no end in sight…. I had to rely on the animals, trees, plants, insects, water, air, clouds, etc. to put myself into a World where I could stay ‘sane’.

I was mentally abused/physically abused greatly by my “parents” and witnessed many] things a child should [NEVER] witness, i.e. beatings, drug use, verbal abuse, etc. I was told God did not exist, Aliens did not exist ( I, with my sisters, saw a UFO at a young age off Buckeye Drive in Amador County so… ) and Jesus was a piece of s*&t (Fred and Duffy). Then I had Betty (‘mom’) the Holy Roller Prankster, who did not even care about me, really,tried to force religion on me but did not abide by the Word of God! So as a confused and lost soul I went and did my own thing through life.

Through struggles and hardships, some brought on by my own actions and some brought on by others, I have overcome a great deal of emotional suffering through thoughts and prayers to God Almighty and his associates. I have been “reborn” into something better than what I used to be. I see things more clear and understand some things you just cannot explain.

I am vulnerable to myself only. Threatened with death on more than one occasion the Power of Prayer helped me through.


         Closer to God than ever before,

A child of his forever more.

the Prince of Lies tries to attack,

Almighty God has got my back.

Soldiers of Darkness try to claim,

but they will never take my fame.

God will not allow them to keep,

the gentle soul of this little sheep.


Akym kodom my!



  1. To which God are you praying? I just want to know the truth? I’m a believer and my Heavenly Father would NOT approve of any of OUR comments and posts!! I know and I’m sorry for getting angry at a person who obviously has mental health issues!! Please forgive me Father! This is my last one!!

    1. ya right. you will be back crooked cop supporter or cop or naïve brainwashed scam artist! too bad you know nothing about anything in my life and trying to pretend you are me with my name. pathetic! get a life!

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