This psychopath loves making bomb threats on government buildings yet has not even been arrested for it?!

“I’M NOT FINISHED!” — Barbara Shults vs. Humboldt County …
Video for barbara shults► 7:11► 7:11

(this is not actually where she made the threat but it is all on paperwork and in the el dorado county justice system)

The other suspects in the bomb threat against the California Department of Corrections, besides Barbara Shults, Alfred Edward Shults (a.k.a. “electric fred”), and Carolyn Jean Downie Shults (a.k.a. “duffy”) who own American Industrial Electric. I guess going around and calling the cops isn’t good for just them and their friends! The world is watching.

Maybe some people need to learn to shut their mouth and show their face 😉



  1. This Satan Spawn's daughter · · Reply

    Just because you saw us on TV because our neighborhood was burning down you just have to poke at us. We want nothing to do with you. You’re legally insane. We must really occupy your mind a whole bunch for you to concoct this bull from your head. Good thing the authorities know this page is nothing but the deranged ramblings of two convicts whom spent the majority of their lives in prison.

    Your sane daughter.

    1. oh and I have not ever been to prison you know this. and you are far from sane!

    2. I don’t have time to watch propaganda television and whatever bullshit lies they put on there to brainwash the stupid!

  2. Poor dear child raised by heathens (fred and duffy), there [is] paperwork on this so don’t go around blowing out your spout too much before actually INVESTIGATING something. If you would be woman enough to show your face where I’m at I could actually sit down and show you EVERYTHING. But you still seem to be stuck in your shell and too scared to confront your demons. The government only says we’re insane because they harmed us and don’t want anyone to believe it yet ALL THE PAPERWORK EXISTS! And poor child the world does believe me whether you want to believe it or not. AND we had to go to the Parole office in Diamond springs when Barbie had made the the bomb threat and they were PISSED! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! OURS ARE!

    1. You make no sense, and can’t even produce proper grammar. YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT. THERE ARE WARS GOING ON THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU PSYCHOPATHS AND FUGITIVES. Do you have precious vital information? No. No one cares about you. The only people who read this site are the people who you shit on. If there’s paperwork then post it. You can’t and won’t because it doesn’t exist.

      1. so what are you doing with your life scrub?

      2. oh ye of little faith

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