If you are ever in the city of Deerfield, MO. . .

DO NOT BOTHER stopping at the Emery Truck Stop @ 7490 East 54 Hwy, Deerfield, MO. 64741.

Besides the fact that the old guy and two youngsters in the back CANNOT cook, i.e. dry omelets with little to NO cheese, overcooked meat and bland flavor, the hash browns were over and undercooked to the point where it would chip your teeth, and the toast was the only thing cooked to perfection!!! They argue with you and will not give you your money back (only reimburse you with some more distasteful food made by kitchen delinquents). The truckers who frequent the spot will fly by you in the dusty parking lot while you are eating your food with no respect for traveler’s.

This is not a “good-eats” spot. If you prefer to eat at a truck stop with exceptional service and GREAT food for your hard earned money, you must stop at the truck stop in Livingston, MT. I don’t remember the address but we even tipped the cooks for such exceptional food. The portions were also exceptional. They should still have the Military trucks next door?


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