Belyew’s clues. . . (things that make you go hmmm?)

One belief I have for the amount of chem-spraying choking out the existence of so many Natural resources. . .

I have travelled to [ many ] states where storms are frequent and upon seeing only a clearing in the sky, above my husband and me, with the Storm encircling around us – it hit me like a ton of bricks! (I would say God spoke to me but then they would try to say I was cuckoo. apparently I’m NOT!)
My belief is that the Government is using the “chem spray” to react with the clouds, in some scientific way, and let off a beam from one of the thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth’s atmosphere to dissipate the cloud over “certain area’s”. I know now, after many documentations and witnessing the non-stop spray over my husband and me, and have for years known the government had at least ONE, if not more (including the failed murder attempt in Grizzly Flats by CDC Parole Agent Bill Weener – one of my “must-read” articles, and his “Sasquatch mission” Indians) dedicated satellites to ALL of me and my husbands whereabouts.

Now they lose us when the clouds come and have to use more money and time to track us down so they would rather pollute the air, kill off natural species of wildlife, and spend millions, maybe even billions of taxpayers money to test out their war tactic weaponry on their own citizens.
Martial Law is on it’s way. I’ve witnessed the Military Convoys practicing through [many] towns. Military personnel sneer at us citizens and look down their nose at “regular citizens” like [ we ] are the disease. It’s not until you start making comments out loud they try to be nice, but their first impression always stands out!



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