Cop Curtis Parks- Everyone and anyone welcome to find out the truth. . .

Like I have been trying to tell you world these Tsi-Akim Maidu have cop connections and/or are cops themselves treating their tribal members like this and making threats on their own while trying to seek your approval for Federal Recognition. this is an excerpt from Curtis Parks, who also spews more lies which are a waste of time trying to defend. Any dirty laundry we had, we had to go through court/trial processes to prove that it was not true. Any people saying that it is true can be attacked in a court process for libel/slander by us including your “Federal Officer Friend” you keep running to, Cop Curtis. Neither Tait or I have had any convictions for any sexual/child abuse/elder abuse/drugs or the like. My record was expunged up to 1998 so anything you bring up before that you will get sued for P-U-N-K! And I will do it in the Tsi-Akim Maidu name with you at the head of it.
Anyone in the world can go to http://www.magan’ and look up our names. This is the site where anyone with ‘dirty laundry’ must registered or they will be arrested and put it prison:
Lisa marie belyew
Tait LaTausca belyew
We will not be there.

By ‘Cop’ Curtis Parks;
One more thing, Lisa and Tait Belyew both of your records are public knowledge. They can also be found on the World Wide Web. Your innocent act doesn’t fly with me. I had contacted a good friend of mine within the legal system on the Federal level and have learned all of your dirty laundry. I am a gentleman and will not post all of your past and current transgression because I know you will say it is the Government Entities fault not yours for your own actions. It is time to quit blaming others, find a cause that is real and get your lives back in order.



  1. Yes I called you a crack whore, I am not going to say alleged because your oxymoron blog proves it for me. You are infallible, dogmatic and volatile. You need to get medications for your dillusions and insecurities, not more Pot!
    Curtis Parks

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