Case #P13CRF0207 For those who want to know the truth!

Don’t believe me or these mouthy Tsi-Akim Cavalry, Mexicans, I mean Maidu. . . . I have included the case of ours where the CDC, El Dorado County Sheriff, and the Pollock Pines Community Church fabricated a case on the both of us while we were attending a church function and were abused then arrested.

We were ACQUITTED of these fabricated charges by a twelve person jury.

My husband had been begging his tribe for help for many years since his debt to society was paid in July of 2009. Saying the law-enforcement was harming him and his innocent family. All they had to do was intervene, since some of the tribal family members [are] cops, and say, “Hands off, we are trying to rehabilitate him. He is one of ours.” Instead how they intervened was having the cops in Placer county, when we were on a desolate highway, pulled us over with four helicopters and about ten different police cars, trashed our vehicle, desecrated religious artifacts, bent our vehicle key so we could not drive off, laughed and then stated, “This was a favor for Shannon.” (At the time she was a Lt. in Placer County and a Tsi-Akim Maidu tribal member of my husbands.) And to substantiate further the cops fabricated a case in the neighboring county, case #PR13CRF0207 which we were acquitted of (8 yrs. for my husband/1 yr. for me. physically and mentally abused and falsely imprisoned)
After the facts of the case in this trial which we were acquitted of redskyluv/Corinna stated in a blog that she takes the facts of a situation and makes her determination from the facts, yet she still argues in behalf of the Calvary (applishly.)RIGHT OR WRONG SHE WILL ARGUE FOR THE CAVALRY. SHE IS NOT FOR THE TRIBE. EVEN WHEN THE FACTS ARE IN COURT RECORD! Just out of [HATE!]
You may read the blog I wrote about that situation – Favor for Lt. Shannon and The fat boy who lost his cupcake at the kickball game. But lo and behold everyone this call was never recorded so it must have never happened in the Tsi-Akim Maidu world.
Ignored time and time again they sit here running off at the mouth calling us names, putting us down, making things up, etc.
Excuse my language world but why would anyone in their right mind EVER consider Federally Recognizing these corrupt cavelry, child molesting, child rapist supporting pieces of [SHIT]! In the Indian community that tribe is known as an orchard full of apples.
They claim to miss meetings because they had to help their disabled friends yet their own tribe members who are disabled are turned on, chastised, ridiculed and kicked out of the tribe! Help a disabled non-member over your own (Corinna/Curtis) and sit their and call them drug attic porn star crack whores! (Anyone can google any porn star and you’ll never find my name or face in a movie to substantiate what the Tsi-Akim Maidu say and I have never been convicted of using crack or prostitution. This is a pure libel case against the Tsi-Akim Maidu name.)
Ya some tribe.
What I am is part Cuban with Cubanan Indian decent and part White who is a Maidu by marriage through my husband whose bloodline ancestors are on the 1927 census for the Taylorsville Rancheria. Though many Maidus with this bloodline are connected to Taylorsville Rancheria and have committed no disrespect to the Taylorsville Rancheria and NONE OF US are allowed to live there, we tried back when everyone pretended to like us.
Not only is 70 countries reading this, but I am most definitely letting the people in Power read this to see what they think about [not] Federally Recognizing you and I implore ALL readers who agree to get in touch with the;

Bureau of Indian Affairs:
Pacific Regional Office 2800 Cottage Way.
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 978-6000

President Obama:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW,
Washington D.C., 20500
(202) 456-1111 (202) 456-1414

Senator Feinstein:
331 Harte Senate Office Bldg.
Washington D.C., 20510
(202) 224-3841

202 One Post Street Ste. 2450
San Francisco, CA (415) 393-0707

(916) 786-0112

Believe I’ve done the same and will appreciate any and all support.

Thank you world for believing in us.




  1. Yep you hit the nail on the head. I’m such a hateful person my whole goal was to put you down and not try and be kind in any way. Me helping a friend was the worse thing I could ever do. I should of stopped my life and run to your aide. Because you are first in this world. (sarcasm)

    Yes, Mexico had once owned California. But since Indians were not considered citizens by either mexico or USA (Not until 1817 and it was the Cheerokee, the rest came in 1924, last state did not give Indians the right to vote until 1965 ) does not make maidu’s Mexican. However is did make them slaves to the missions. You must enjoy bashing your husband since he’s maidu.

    I also fine funny that you don’t even know the names of the Indians that Columbus first discovered were not Cubanans they we Tainos and Ciboneys. You talk bad about my ancestors and don’t even know your own. Yep, you are such a creditable source of information. I wish everyone would come here to read all your well researched facts.

    I laugh at your cop statement that the tribe is filled with them. We have one. Who is a second generation one at that.

    BTW…How can one live on Taylorsville Ranchiera when it is owned by Plumas county as a camp ground and Rodeo?

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